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a. Querulous or discontented.
b. Ill-tempered.
2. Contrary; fractious.

[Middle English pevish, possibly from Latin perversus, turned the wrong way, perverse, past participle of pervertere, to turn around, corrupt; see pervert.]

pee′vish·ly adv.
pee′vish·ness n.
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Adv.1.peevishly - in a peevish manner
بِمُشاكَسَه، بِغَضَب سَريع


[ˈpiːvɪʃlɪ] ADVmalhumoradamente, con mal humor
he said peevishlydijo malhumorado




[ˈpiːvɪʃlɪ] advstizzosamente


(ˈpiːviʃ) adjective
easily made angry; irritable; frequently complaining. a peevish old man.
ˈpeevishly adverb
ˈpeevishness noun
peeved adjective
angry; annoyed. She was peeved about it.
References in classic literature ?
Maggie would certainly have torn it off, if she had not been checked by the remembrance of her recent humiliation about her hair; as it was, she confined herself to fretting and twisting, and behaving peevishly about the card-houses which they were allowed to build till dinner, as a suitable amusement for boys and girls in their best clothes.
She withdrew it a little peevishly, after a moment's pause.
The hens and the cock had already settled to roost there, and clucked peevishly, clinging to the beam with their claws.
He looked at the servant, and pointed peevishly to a chair at his side.
If you talk so, I won't tell you any more,' she returned, peevishly rising to her feet.
I wondered peevishly why they couldn't put her anywhere else instead of quartering her on me.
said Lady Otway, peevishly, blaming her servants for not living up to her ideals.
Don't interrupt me," he said peevishly, catching the servant in the act of staring at him.
I always said it would come to this," the Baronet cried peevishly, and beating a tune with his clean-trimmed nails.
Automobiles whirred past, hooting peevishly, but he heeded them not.
They were snug enough there, out of harm's way, and not wanted to do anything, either; and yet they did nothing but grumble and complain peevishly like so many sick kids.
At all events, Hepzibah had fully satisfied herself of the impossibility of ever becoming wonted to this peevishly obstreperous little bell.