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a. Querulous or discontented.
b. Ill-tempered.
2. Contrary; fractious.

[Middle English pevish, possibly from Latin perversus, turned the wrong way, perverse, past participle of pervertere, to turn around, corrupt; see pervert.]

pee′vish·ly adv.
pee′vish·ness n.
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Noun1.peevishness - an irritable petulant feelingpeevishness - an irritable petulant feeling  
ill humor, ill humour, distemper - an angry and disagreeable mood
testiness, tetchiness, touchiness - feeling easily irritated
pet - a fit of petulance or sulkiness (especially at what is felt to be a slight)
2.peevishness - a disposition to exhibit uncontrolled angerpeevishness - a disposition to exhibit uncontrolled anger; "his temper was well known to all his employees"
ill nature - a disagreeable, irritable, or malevolent disposition
querulousness - the quality of being given to complaining
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مُشاكَسَه، نَكَد، سُرْعَة غَضَب


[ˈpiːvɪʃnɪs] Nmal humor m
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n (= irritation)Gereiztheit f, → Brummigkeit f; (= irritability)Reizbarkeit f
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(ˈpiːviʃ) adjective
easily made angry; irritable; frequently complaining. a peevish old man.
ˈpeevishly adverb
ˈpeevishness noun
peeved adjective
angry; annoyed. She was peeved about it.
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References in classic literature ?
But I know this sort of thing doesn't interest you," he added hastily, with a touch of peevishness.
The audience took up the cry, the dogs barked more excitedly, and five minutes of hilarity delayed the turn which, when at last started, was marked by rustiness and erraticness on the part of the dogs and by great peevishness on the part of Wilton Davis.
Haven't I been sounding your praises in her ears, and bearing her pretty sulks and peevishness all night for you?
Johnson himself was sometimes exasperated by their peevishness and even driven to take refuge from his own home in that 'of his wealthy friends the Thrales, where, indeed, he had a room of his own; but he never allowed any one else to criticize or speak harshly of them.
He had lost his peevishness, and could hide his indifference to people and his interest in food.
So Bill, being requested in a peevish voice to explain what he meant by saying, 'Oh, I don't know,' condoned the peevishness. He then bent his mind to the task of trying to ascertain what he had meant.
The last words burst from Maggie, in spite of herself, with a sudden drop from patronizing instruction to simple peevishness.
Linton had not only abjured his peevishness (though his spirits seemed still subdued by Catherine's exuberance of vivacity), but he ventured no objection to her taking Isabella with her to Wuthering Heights in the afternoon; and she rewarded him with such a summer of sweetness and affection in return as made the house a paradise for several days; both master and servants profiting from the perpetual sunshine.
Seth had never in his life spoken a harsh word to his mother, and timid people always wreak their peevishness on the gentle.
It would seem as though he had a changed or worn appearance in her eyes, and he perceived and resented it; for he said with renewed peevishness, when he had divested himself of his travelling-cloak, and had come to the fire:
The immovable peevishness of the face, framed in the limp, rusty lace, had a character of cruelty.
An important catalyst to impel India to drawdown its forces was western pressure to deter India from its adventurism so that Pakistan, an important ally, could concentrate on the war on terror rather than be distracted by Indian peevishness over trumped up charges.