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See fisher.

[Canadian French pékan, from Eastern Abenaki pékané.]


(Animals) another name for fisher2
[C18: from Canadian French pékan, of Algonquian origin; compare Abnaki pékané]


(ˈfɪʃ ər)

1. a fisherman.
2. a dark-furred North American marten, Martes pennanti.
3. the fur of this animal.
[before 900]
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Noun1.pekan - large dark brown North American arboreal carnivorous mammalpekan - large dark brown North American arboreal carnivorous mammal
marten, marten cat - agile slender-bodied arboreal mustelids somewhat larger than weasels
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Presumably the yearling sales are going to be graced by very expensive Sri Pekans this year, but are they all going to be fillies?
IN response to Janet Hickman's Bloodstock Briefing (September 8), with regards to the merits and credits of Sri Pekan, I note that the final paragraph ends: "It will be interesting to see how Sri Pekan does with his three-year-olds; his sire Red Ransom produces plenty of precocious horses.
I acknowledge Sri Pekan is leading European first-season sire, and his progeny performance in black-type races, with his six stakes performers at the time of writing, has been encouraging.