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1. A striped or figured silk fabric.
2. also Pekin A large white domestic duck of a Chinese breed, widely raised in the United States for food.

[French pékin, after Pékin (Beijing), China.]


(Breeds) a breed of white or cream duck with a bright orange bill
[C18: via French from Peking]



one of a hardy breed of white domestic ducks, raised orig. in China.
[1880–85; after Peking]


[piːˈkɪn] Peking [piːˈkɪŋ] NPekín m


nPeking nt; Pekin manPekingmensch m
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Not being able to put the old man out of his talk, of which he was very opinionated or conceited, I told him we were gentlemen as well as merchants, and that we had a mind to go and see the great city of Pekin, and the famous court of the monarch of China.
Higgs that Captain Osborne was waiting, in a fierce and patronizing way, as if the pekin of an attorney, who had thrice his brains, fifty times his money, and a thousand times his experience, was a wretched underling who should instantly leave all his business in life to attend on the Captain's pleasure.
I never saw him before, in my life, but I instantly lay my finger on him and say "Paris!" I see some cups and saucers of Chinese make, equally strangers to me personally: I put my finger on them, then and there, and I say "Pekin, Nankin, and Canton." It is the same with Japan, with Egypt, and with bamboo and sandalwood from the East Indies; I put my finger on them all.
He was taught the legends of the Mess Plate, from the great grinning Golden Gods that had come out of the Summer Palace in Pekin to the silver-mounted markhor-horn snuffmull presented by the last C.
'I can't Arthur,' returned Flora, 'be denounced as heartless by the whole society of China without setting myself right when I have the opportunity of doing so, and you must be very well aware that there was Paul and Virginia which had to be returned and which was returned without note or comment, not that I mean to say you could have written to me watched as I was but if it had only come back with a red wafer on the cover I should have known that it meant Come to Pekin Nankeen and What's the third place, barefoot.'
The particular point about the chevalier which would have made him noticeable from Paris to Pekin, was the gentle paternity of his manner to grisettes.
The Sahibs prayed to their God; for in the centre of the Mess-table - its sole ornament when they were on the line of march - stood a golden bull fashioned from old-time loot of the Summer Palace at Pekin - a red-gold bull with lowered head, ramping upon a field of Irish green.
Under the stresses of the war their endurance reached the breaking point, the whole of China rose in incoherent revolt, and the practical destruction of the central government at Pekin by a handful of British and German airships that had escaped from the main battles rendered that revolt invincible.
Selling shareholders were advised by Credit Suisse, Pekin & Bayar and Ertekin Law Office and Aeroports de Paris was advised by JP Morgan, Hogan Lovells and Pekin & Pekin.
Pekin robins (Leiothrix lutea) were once the most widely kept softbills in captivity.
The company is renovating the Pekin Hotel, in Moscow, which will be re-branded as the Fairmont Pekin Moscow to reopen in 2017.
Speaking of Paragon's success, managing director Metin Pekin said: "our products have a special place in the hearts of catering establishment owners who do not compromise on quality.