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Noun1.peliosis - any of several blood diseases causing subcutaneous bleedingpeliosis - any of several blood diseases causing subcutaneous bleeding
blood disease, blood disorder - a disease or disorder of the blood
nonthrombocytopenic purpura - purpura resulting from a defect in the capillaries caused by bacteria or drugs
idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, thrombocytopenic purpura, Werlhof's disease - purpura associated with a reduction in circulating blood platelets which can result from a variety of factors
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Hepatic Adverse Effects-Prolonged use of high doses of orally active 17-alpha-alkyl androgens (e.g., methyltestosterone) has been associated with serious hepatic adverse effects (peliosis hepatis, hepatic neoplasms, cholestatic hepatitis, and jaundice).
Poppy Neighbour, who was 21 months old, lost her life suddenly as a result of Peliosis Hepatis -- a liver disorder which is incredibly rare in children.
The bacterium was also found to cause endocarditis, peliosis hepatis, and bacillary angiomatosis.
Stanozolol and testosterone propionate, metabolized by the cytochrome P450 system [8], are part of the 17 alphaalkylated (17aa) steroids that have been linked to liver damage such as cholestatic jaundice, peliosis hepatis, hepatic adenoma, nodular regeneration, and hepatocellular carcinoma [9-11].
Testosterone therapy can cause alterations in liver function tests, cholestatic jaundice, hepatocellular neoplasms (rare), and peliosis hepatis.
Anabolic steroids are known to have a profound impact on the liver, including peliosis hepatis, cholestasis, hepatic adenomas, and intrahepatic hematomas [7, 8].
cysts, hamartomas, haemangiomas, lymphangiomas, littoral cell angiomas, angiosarcomas and metastases) and peliosis. [7]
Because of the often similar unspecific appearance of primary splenic lesions, such as littoral cell angiomas, lymphangiomas, hamartomas, peliosis, hemangiopericytomas, and hemangioendotheliomas as well as some hemangiomas themselves, a pathological and immunohistochemical analysis is in many cases needed to secure the diagnosis [5].
henselae infection can be particularly severe for patients with immunocompromising conditions, such as AIDS, in whom vascular proliferative lesions (bacillary angiomatosis and bacillary peliosis) may develop (5).
Clinical and pathological features of bacillary peliosis hepatis in association with human immunodeficiency virus infection.
Schonlein termed the HSP as Peliosis Rheumatica after discovering the relationship of purpura with joint pain.
Infection may result in bacteremia (presence of bacteria in the blood), myocarditis (inflammation of the middle layer of the heart wall), peliosis hepatis (a vascular condition which results in blood-filled sacs in the liver), neuroretinitis (inflammation of the neural retina and optic nerve), bacillary angiomatosis (a proliferation of blood vessels leading to tumorlike masses), enlarged lymph nodes, and fevers.