zona pellucida

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zo·na pel·lu·ci·da

 (zō′nə pə-lo͞o′sĭ-də, pĕl-yo͞o′-)
A thick transparent extracellular coat that surrounds the mammalian ovum and is composed of glycoproteins. Spermatozoa bind to the zona pellucida during fertilization.

[New Latin zōna pellūcida : Latin zōna, belt, girdle + Latin pellūcida, feminine of pellūcidus, transparent.]

zo•na pel•lu•ci•da

(ˈzoʊ nə pəˈlu sɪ də, pɛlˈyu-)

n., pl. zo•nae pel•lu•ci•dae (ˈzoʊ ni pəˈlu sɪˌdi, pɛlˈyu-)
a transparent jellylike substance surrounding the ovum of mammals.
Also called zo′na.
[1835–45; < New Latin; see zone, pellucid]
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Noun1.zona pellucida - thick membrane around the mammalian ovum; can be penetrated by one sperm in the fertilization process; usually remains around the fertilized egg until it is implanted in the wall of the uterus
zona, zone - (anatomy) any encircling or beltlike structure
zona pellucidazone pellucide
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For morphological analyses, i.e., diameter of vitellogenic oocytes, the pellucid zone thickness and the follicular cell height, we selected 50 undamaged oocytes without retraction and with cuts crossing the nucleus for each of the studied species.
Induction of the acrosomal reaction in mouse spermatozoa by the solution of pellucid zone from alpaca (Lama pacos L.)
Each oocyte is enucleated and fused with an isolated fibroblast which is inserted beneath the pellucid zone. The fusion of cell membranes is achieved by means of electric shocks.