pelt down

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w>pelt down

vi it or the rain really pelted downder Regen prasselte nur so herunter; it’s pelting downes regnet in Strömen
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Turnover ball on the home 22 was moved at speed, resulting in Bridgend wing Glen Lewis going full pelt down the touchline.
After a quick nightcap - and with the golf bravado growing ever more outlandish - I could feel my eyelids getting heavy and made my way to bed as the rain continued to pelt down outside.
It had all been going so well for the Magpies and Gullit after Kieron Dyer fired Newcastle ahead but, as the rain continued to pelt down, with 26 minutes left Niall Quinn found the net before Kevin Phillips bagged what proved to be the winner.
As rain began to pelt down outside, the queen and Prince Philip walked along the poppy-lined walls of the memorial where people had placed flowers in honour of fallen Australian soldiers, before signing the visitors book.
He's a 100 per center and it was typical that he pulled his hamstring going full pelt down the wing.
They mean to say that rockets will not pelt down on the Hebrew State from Iran only, but also from South Lebanon and Gaza.
LEOMINSTER - When the thunder boomed, the lightning flashed in the distance, and the rain began to pelt down on McLaughlin Park last night, no one was more disappointed than Joe Lemay, the pitcher for PNJ Devlin.