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peltate leaf


Having a flat circular structure attached to a stalk near the center, rather than at or near the margin; shield-shaped: the peltate leaf of the nasturtium.

[Latin peltātus, armed with a small shield, from Latin pelta, small shield, from Greek peltē; see pel- in Indo-European roots.]

pel′tate′ly adv.
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(Botany) (of leaves) having the stalk attached to the centre of the lower surface
[C18: from Latin peltātus equipped with a pelta, a small shield; see peltast]
ˈpeltately adv
pelˈtation n
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(ˈpɛl teɪt)

shield-shaped, esp. as a circular leaf having the stalk attached at the middle of its lower surface..
[1745–55; < Latin peltātus=pelt(a) small shield (< Greek péltē) + -ātus -ate1]
pel′tate•ly, adv.
pel•ta′tion, n.
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Adj.1.peltate - (of a leaf shape) round, with the stem attached near the center of the lower surface rather than the margin (as a nasturtium leaf for example)
unsubdivided, simple - (botany) of leaf shapes; of leaves having no divisions or subdivisions
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Fruit mostly a pair of follicles with dry pericarp (fruit a capsule in Craspidospermum and a fleshy berry in Melodinus); endocarp not forming a stone; seeds usually numerous, smooth, flat, and winged, often peltately attached with long funicle (somewhat verrucose, only slightly compressed, and embedded in pulpy placenta in Melodinus).