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Noun1.pen-friend - a person you come to know by frequent friendly correspondence
correspondent, letter writer - someone who communicates by means of letters


(pen) noun
an instrument for writing in ink. My pen needs a new nib.
ˈpen-friend, ˈpen-pal nouns
a usually young person (usually living abroad) with whom another (usually young) person regularly exchanges letters. My daughter has pen-friends in India and Spain.
ˈpen-knife noun
a pocket-knife with blades which fold into the handle.
ˈpen-name noun
a name used by a writer instead of his own name. Samuel Clemens used the pen-name of Mark Twain.
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She eagerly messages her new pen-friend Maisie before setting off to the lab.
MAURICE Holroyd was 60 when he left Paddock to go to America to see his pen-friend Barby in 1990.
CAN anyone help me find my pen-friend who I haven't seen since 1968 when I visited Liverpool for the last time.