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n. Architecture
A three-sided, curved section of vaulting between the rim of a dome and each adjacent pair of the arches that support it.

[French pendentif, from Latin pendēns, pendent-, hanging, present participle of pendēre, to hang; see (s)pen- in Indo-European roots.]


(Architecture) any of four triangular sections of vaulting with concave sides, positioned at a corner of a rectangular space to support a circular or polygonal dome
[C18: from French pendentif, from Latin pendens hanging, from pendere to hang]


(pɛnˈdɛn tɪv)

one of several spandrels, in the form of concave triangles, forming a transition between the circular plan of a dome and the polygonal plan of the supporting masonry.
[1720–30; < French pendentif; see pendent, -ive]
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Tenders are invited for supply of materials for the realization of the work "urban actions in pendentive 2019", included in the plan of promotion of agrarian employment 2019 (pfea 2019) of the municipality of pechina
For example, Minor considers Domenichino's pendentive, St.
Pendentive is kind of installations constructed of pencil leads made by New Zealand artist, Peter Trevelyan.
Lighting analysis of single pendentive dome mosque design in Sarajevo and Istanbul during summer solstice.
Besides, there could be seen a Sekonj (pendentive arch) cornering in Masjid-i Atigh and a plexus of arches for covering the inner dome in Sheikh Shoayb mausoleum.
The uncovered mosaic is located in the pendentive, an arched triangular section supporting the building's huge dome.
Beginning and ending text sections are occasionally in the shape of a half-diamond indentation or "in pendentive" (where centered lines become progressively shorter).
They may be glimpsed in the design of the domed ceiling where, deep in the over-painted branches and leaf design of a pendentive, there is a tiny red painted heart.
1526-30), introduced Timurid forms, spatial concepts, symmetry, and the net covered pendentive as well as the walled garden, strategically placed near temporary campsites.
Nicolo al Carmine, Siena); the figure in monochrome fresco inside the lower left pendentive that accompanies the 'Amor di Patria' (Palazzo Pubblico, Siena); the kneeling woman by the door in the background of The Nativity of the Virgin (Pinacoteca Nazionale, Siena): G.
Convex looking glasses in each pendentive both explode and compress the space.