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pen·dent 1

also pen·dant  (pĕn′dənt)
1. Hanging down; dangling; suspended.
2. Projecting; overhanging.
3. Awaiting settlement; pending.

[Middle English pendant (influenced by Latin pendēns, pendent-, present participle of pendēre, to hang), from Old French; see pendant1.]

pen′dent·ly adv.

pen·dent 2

Variant of pendant1.
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pendently sell international sponsorship rights from next season to sponsors outside the US and Canada, according to reports, offering the potential for new tie-ups.
Callous affect and sexual attraction also inde pendently added to the prediction of higher levels of justifying the EDI.
The start-up, after all, is how our industry reinvents itself,whether left to prosper inde- pendently or gobbled up to dent a host organisation.