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Prime cattle sold to 230p/kg for a Limousin x heifer from Pendicle to R Johnstone and Sons Butchers, Annan.
Heifers: Limousin PS1280, PS1200, PS1200 Chapel House, PS1010, PS990 PS960 Kirtlevale, PS995 (x3) Winterhope Farm, PS990 Carlatton Mill, PS990 (x2) Low Flow, PS990, PS975 High Field, PS960 Middle Brownrigg, PS945 The Howes, British Blue PS1080 Carlatton Mill, PS1080, PS1020, PS970 Upper Brydekirk, PS1075 Pendicle, PS1020 High Field, PS995, PS940 Winterhope Farm, Charolais PS1035, PS965, PS945 Sideway Bank, PS1020 Longrigg Thorn, PS1000 Greenview, PS960 Lankaber, Aberdeen Angus PS930 Shank Castle.
Waddell, of Pendicle, Perthshire, admitted stealing jewellery from the property in Perth on April 6.
17 CONVENIENTLY-SIZED (OED pendicle) 1881 1 7 9 10 11 19 70 71 79 90 91 97
Accordingly, the new volumes presented to the public, as Cleishbotham declares, are only a token of the profound thankfulness and not an attempt to gather money for "that pendicle or pofle of land called the Carlinescroft, lying adjacent to my garden" (Scott: 1994: 8).
Robert's grandfather and great grandfather had been gardeners to the Kinnaird family "and Possessors of one acre or pendicle seat." His father had been a farmer on Lord Kinnaird's lands; by the profits of his farm he earned enough to purchase the lands of Ballo.
Bass Brewers have obtained the order to stop him selling his pounds 300,000 luxury home in posh Pendicle Road, in Bearsden, near Glasgow.
Cheviot: PS91.50, PS88.50 Pendicle, PS87.50 Upper Senwick PS82.50 Kingside.
Hill Cheviot, pounds 46.90, pounds 43.90 Raeburnfoot, pounds 43.90 Pendicle. Greyface, pounds 46.60 Farnbury, pounds 46.40 Thirlwall Castle, pounds 44.90 Gallowberry Farm, pounds 44.40 Greyside Farm, pounds 43.90 Hargill House, pounds 42.70 High Side, pounds 42.40 Low Houses, pounds 42.10 Agars Hill, pounds 39.10 The Bog Farm, pounds 38.90 Greyside Farm, pounds 38.90 Scarrowmanick.
45.6+kg (ave 200.8p/kg to 221p/kg Pendicle) - Texel: PS103.50 Pendicle, PS103 Shieldhill, PS101.50 Town Park, PS98 Riggheads, PS98 Slacks, PS97.50 Maryholm.
Hill Cheviot, pounds 48.90, pounds 48.80, pounds 46.70, pounds 46.20 Pendicle.
Johnstone and Sons Butchers, Annan from Pendicle, Ruthwell.