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also pe·ne·plane  (pē′nə-plān′)
A nearly flat land surface representing an advanced stage of erosion.

[pene-, almost (from Latin paene) + plain.]


(ˈpiːnɪˌpleɪn; ˌpiːnɪˈpleɪn) or


(Physical Geography) a relatively flat land surface produced by a long period of erosion
[C19: from pene- + plain1]
ˌpeneplaˈnation n


or pe•ne•plane

(ˈpi nəˌpleɪn, ˈpɛn ə-)

an area reduced almost to a plain by erosion.
[1889; < Latin paene almost + plain1]
pe`ne•pla•na′tion (-pləˈneɪ ʃən) n.


A nearly flat land surface almost worn down to sea level.
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Noun1.peneplain - a more or less level land surface representing an advanced stage of erosion undisturbed by crustal movementspeneplain - a more or less level land surface representing an advanced stage of erosion undisturbed by crustal movements
geology - a science that deals with the history of the earth as recorded in rocks
champaign, plain, field - extensive tract of level open land; "they emerged from the woods onto a vast open plain"; "he longed for the fields of his youth"
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The area is divisible into: 1) "highlands" along the Western border of the Amazonas State and upper courses of the Ventuari and Orinoco Rivers (mountain landscapes covered by evergreen forests and scattered with tabletop mountains, tepuis), and 2) "lowlands", peneplains and low hills along the Casiquiare Canal and the Guainia-Rio Negro, Ventuari and Orinoco Rivers (covered by evergreen forests, grassland and scrubland) (Schargel, 2011).
These highly weathered, cemented materials are commonly rich in secondary iron (Fe) and aluminium (Al) oxides, and are distributed along peneplains (Padmanabhan and Eswaran 2002).
The main vegetation type of the CPD is the caatinga sensu stricto, which occurs on the extensive crystalline peneplains that dominate the region, but large areas of sedimentary terrains also occur in the region (Fig.
(1962): The formation of 'apparent peneplains' by a process of combined lateritisation and surface wash.
Geologically, the site is located in the Ossa-Morena zone, part of the Hesperian platform, a landscape marked by peneplains. The site is on a discrete rise at 187 m above sea level, on the left bank of river Guadiana, municipality of Serpa, freguesia of Brinches.
Topics addressed by the various papers include origin of the term Quaternary, several biographies, the history of ideas in regional geomorphology and glacial geology, Australian geomorphology, peneplains in China, as well as Japanese Quaternary history.
The island is made of three well-recognized platforms referred to as peneplains. The lowest peneplain consists of coastal lowlands with elevations from sea level to 300 m above mean sea level (MSL) except for a few isolated inselbergs.
In some cases, the dissection of these ancient surfaces has turned the peneplains into mountain ranges (Espinhaco Mountains, Canastra Mountains).
She set out alone into the labyrinth of pink slick rock known as The Maze, one of the most remote wilderness peneplains in the lower 48 states.