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The frequency, under given environmental conditions, with which a specific phenotype is expressed by those individuals with a specific genotype.


(Genetics) genetics the percentage frequency with which a gene exhibits its effect
[C20: from penetr(ant) + -ance, on the model of German penetranz]


(ˈpɛn ɪ trəns)

the frequency, expressed as a percentage, with which a particular gene produces its effect in a group of organisms. Compare expressivity (def. 2).
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Schiestl (2013) Intestinal bacteria modify lymphoma penetrance in genetically susceptible mice via inflammation-mediated systemic host oxidative stress and leucocyte genotoxicity-Cancer Research 73(14):4222-4232 July 15, 2013 PMCID: PMC3718495; Katrin Hacke, Akos Szakmary, Andrew R.
incomplete penetrance and variable expressivity) can arise in genetically identical individuals.
NPS exhibits full genetic penetrance but an unpredictable degree of expression, even within families (1, 6).
Major Technological Solutions of ADAS System 2010-2017 ADAS Market Size Worldwide 2010-2016 Penetrance of Major ADAS Systems Worldwide 2014 ADAS Configuration Rate by Region Major Sensor-based ADAS System Integrators Worldwide Key Investment Fields of Major Foreign ADAS Manufacturers Matching Status of Major ADAS Manufacturers
AACE/ACE leaders pointed out that today there are better tools to treat obesity than ever before, including improvements in lifestyle intervention, new medications, and improvements in bariatric surgery, yet there's limited access and penetrance of these tools in the clinic.
Tuberous sclerosis is an autosomal-dominant disease with variable penetrance that affects approximately 40,000 individuals in the United States and 2 million people worldwide.
Although single gene effects are the basis of genetic diseases, partial penetrance is the rule in common clinical care.
This assay may also be technically ideal for population-based newborn or early childhood screening of FXS, although the ethical issue of incomplete penetrance of FXS in FM females remains to be resolved.
Individual manifestations vary with genetic prevalence and penetrance.
Gene-environment interactions play a crucial role in cancer development especially when low penetrance genes, such as in case of genetic polymorphisms, are the major players.
He said stone disease tends to run in families through a mechanism of partial penetrance due to a genetic defect.