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Penetrating; piercing: a penetrant wind.
Something that penetrates or is capable of penetrating.


sharp; penetrating
1. (Chemistry) chem a substance that lowers the surface tension of a liquid and thus causes it to penetrate or be absorbed more easily
2. a person or thing that penetrates


(ˈpɛn ɪ trənt)

1. a person or thing that penetrates.
2. a lotion, cream, etc., that penetrates the skin.
[1535–45; < Latin penetrant- (s. of penetrāns), present participle of penetrāre to penetrate; see -ant]
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M2 EQUITYBITES-March 22, 2017-Valence Surface Technologies Acquires US Metal Finisher Magnetic and Penetrant Services Co.
John has over 8 years' experience of hardness and conductivity testing and liquid penetrant inspection as well as 4 years' experience in magnetic particle inspection.
Add more penetrant and turn the plug in and out slightly to work penetrant down into the threads.
Liquid penetrant inspection (LPI) is a non-destructive evaluation (NDE) method used for verifying the presence of open discontinuities at the surface of analysed parts submitted for inspection (1), (2).
India, March 7 -- Keller Products has developed the TKO-1 0-DP pump/skimmer specifically for the dye penetrant application.
The penetrant structures subsequently reached the endocuticle, where they developed laterally between the sheets of endocuticle (Fig.
They can use the dye penetrant kit, NSN 6850-00-826-0981, to make a thorough inspection of the barrel extension.
Other methods, such as radiography (x-ray), ultrasonic, magnetic particle and dye penetrant, require larger investments in equipment, floor space and personnel.
Simultaneously it was determined that before sorption experiments equalization of the intermolecular stresses, created during the compression moulding of the test plaques, is necessary and can be achieved by holding the test samples in the saturated vapours of the current penetrant at least for 24 h with subsequent drying in a vacuum oven for 72 h, and final elimination of the penetrant traces to constant mass in the gas diffusion equipment.
Under the Consent Order AAR will perform liquid penetrant inspections for Boeing aircraft landing gear on an on-going basis, as well as the magnetic particle inspections that it already performs.
Research shows that proprietary non-brain penetrant cannabinoid subtype 1 (CB1) receptor antagonists developed by Jenrin Discovery are able to produce metabolically favorable effects in peripheral tissues, including fat and liver.