penetrating injury

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Noun1.penetrating injury - injury incurred when an object (as a knife or bullet or shrapnel) penetrates into the body
harm, hurt, injury, trauma - any physical damage to the body caused by violence or accident or fracture etc.
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Imaging assessment of penetrating injury of the neck and face.
Penetrating injury may cause solid/ bowel injury depending on the injury.
For penetrating injury, diagnostic laparoscopy could be used for excluding peritoneal breach or diagnose enteric injury.
Depending on the location and depth of the artery, pseudo aneurysms can occur from either blunt or penetrating injury.
Any holes due to penetrating injury can be plugged directly.
First wound debridement was done adequately for every penetrating injury as soon as possible.
The type of injury and the extent of initial damage do affect the prognosis after penetrating injury,(12) but it has been documented that if early good anterior segment reconstruction which may involve removal of lens and iris with angle reconstruction IOL implantation and penetrating keratoplasty is done then results are highly satisfactory.
For example, pseudoaneurysm can be induced by a penetrating injury of the surrounding artery caused by fracture fragments during the transfer of a patient or manual reduction.
Intra-ocular foreign body: Technically, a penetrating injury but grouped separately because of different clinical implications.
after 5 years) following a penetrating injury is much less described.
One deeply penetrating injury, between the ear and neck, cut the main vein and main artery on the right and caused extensive blood loss.
13) The argument that arteriography may be useful to locate the level is valid only in cases of multiple injuries to the same limb, because with knee dislocations the injury is between the adductor canal and the soleus arch (14) and in single penetrating injuries the vascular injury will be in the area of the penetrating injury.