penetration bomb

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Noun1.penetration bomb - a bomb with about 30% explosive and a casing designed to penetrate hardened targets before the explosive detonates
bomb - an explosive device fused to explode under specific conditions
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The Korean War (1950-53) saw use of the radio-controlled 450-kg VB-3 Razon and the VB-13 Tarzon, based on the 5,400-kg British Tallboy penetration bomb.
It was a WWII-era German penetration bomb, which was usually used to attack submarine pens and fortified dock areas, such as Liverpool.
"It was identified as a World War II German penetration bomb, normally used to attack submarine pens and fortified dock areas, such as Liverpool.
[Section] Penetration bomb. In an effort to cripple enemy defenses, U.S.
The standard US Air Force penetration bomb warheads are the BLU-109, -110 and -111, representing the 900, the 450 and the 225 kg classes respectively.
Colombo has in the past sought from India unmanned aerial vehicles, deep penetration bombs, rockets, night vision goggles and spares for its fighters.
These latter penetration bombs produced an underground void into which the surrounding area collapsed, bringing down any adjacent structures.
Even with the special deep penetration bombs provided by the US, the operation may stall the Iranian efforts -- such as they are - only for a few months.
According to information available from the PAC Kamra, the aircraft is capable of carrying some of the most modern and conventional weapons, including 70-100 Km range Beyond Visual Range missiles, infra red short range missiles, Air to sea missiles anti-radiation missiles, laser guided weapons, programmable delays cluster bombs runway penetration bombs, general purpose bombs and 23 mm double barrel gun.
Missile firm MBDA has validated a new bomb body, offering penetration and blast capabilities that are superior to those associated with the standard NATO 2,0001b penetration bombs. MNDA tested the bomb at the CESTA range near Bordeaux.