penile implant

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Noun1.penile implant - an implant that creates an artificial erection
implant - a prosthesis placed permanently in tissue
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All patients enrolled in the registry will be implanted with penile implants manufactured by AMS, the majority of whom will receive the three piece inflatable penile prosthesis, the AMS 700.
However, the lawyer for Mr Desperito said the hospital charts were made by people not familiar with penile implants and the team was sure that Mr Metzgar's private part was not up after the procedure.
A You are like many other men who, for whatever reason, had a penile implant some time ago, but choose now to take advantage of the new medical approaches to correct their bouts with erectile dysfunction.
A penile implant may be necessary in some impotence cases.
Using her estranged husband's health insurance, a New York City woman arranged to have her lover receive a penile implant.
Penile Implant Surgery How it works: "We open the penis and place two silicone rods, which can inflate and deflate with the touch of a button," says Greg Bales, assistant professor of urology" at the University.
This heralded a less invasive and reversible treatment and a viable alternative to penile implant surgery.
Ten years ago the only thing we could recommend was a psychiatrist or a penile implant."
Aside from correcting any known underlying medical condition, treatment of impotence may either involve the substitution of a prosthetic device (a penile implant) for the erectile tissue or introduction of a drug that directly affects blood flow to the penis.
Michael Papantonio of Pensacola, Florida; and William Morton of Atlanta, chair of ATLA's Penile Implant Litigation Group.
Seale, a San Antonio accounting executive with a background in marketing and manufacturing, and Stephens eventually formed MCLAS, a company designed to explore the technologies, which included an electronically activated penile implant and a bowling advertising and scoring system.