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 (pə-nĭn′syə-lə, -sə-lə)
n. Abbr. Pen.
A piece of land that juts out from a larger land mass and is mostly surrounded by water.

[Latin paenīnsula : paene, almost + īnsula, island.]

pen·in′su·lar adj.
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Adj.1.peninsular - of or forming or resembling a peninsula; "peninsular isolation"
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خاص بِشِبْه الجَزيرَه
yarımadaya ait


[pɪˈnɪnsjʊləʳ] ADJpeninsular
the Peninsular Warla Guerra de Independencia
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adj the Peninsular Warder Krieg auf der Pyrenäenhalbinsel
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(pəˈninsjulə) noun
a piece of land that is almost surrounded by water. the Malay peninsula.
peˈninsular adjective
of or like a peninsula.
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The steamer Mongolia, belonging to the Peninsular and Oriental Company, built of iron, of two thousand eight hundred tons burden, and five hundred horse-power, was due at eleven o'clock a.m.
Poulter, the village schoolmaster, who, being an old Peninsular soldier, was employed to drill Tom,--a source of high mutual pleasure.
The good husband finds method as efficient in the packing of fire-wood in a shed or in the harvesting of fruits in the cellar, as in Peninsular campaigns or the files of the Department of State.
Now was the time the --th had so long panted for, to show their comrades in arms that they could fight as well as the Peninsular veterans, and that all the pluck and valour of the --th had not been killed by the West Indies and the yellow fever.
This empty cawtridge is the one he 'id the Emperor's pearl in, on the Peninsular and Orient.
Having procured a black Padre for a guide, and a Spaniard who had served in the Peninsular war as an interpreter, we visited a collection of buildings, of which an ancient church formed the principal part.
(Incidentally, the Regiment's colours were emblazoned with ten battle honours from the Peninsular War).
For Bush, the scandal began when the British company that manages at least six major American ports, Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation, was sold to Dubai Ports World for $6.8 billion.
Nature and nation; forests and development in Peninsular Malaysia.
There is a visiting chair in Opera Studies, a Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Professorship of Management, a Reuters Professorship of Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law, and an Action Research Professor of Clinical Neurology.
An evolving succession of uses, first as a hospital, then monastery then barracks (occupied by French troops during the Peninsular War) also speaks of a remarkable physical durability and adaptability that makes resonant connections with the city's history.
A few days later, DP World, Dubai's state-owned port operator, acquired U.K.-based Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co.

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