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Finally, a man painted white (New Zealander Ioane Papalii)--wearing only a penis sheath, like a Papua New Guinea tribesman-descended from the stairs and walked into one of the pools of water.
Tubificoides heterochaetus was originally described by Michaelsen (1926) as possessing a cuticular penis sheath. Brinkhurst & Jamison (1971) and Brinkhurst & Baker (1979) described it as lacking a penis sheath.
Exposure to tributyltin resulted in the so-called imposex phenomenon, and both a penis and a penis sheath were newly generated from the so-called vestigial penis.
And its actors, who are villagers dressed in nothing more than raffia skirts and penis sheaths, speak in their vernacular.
Once a year they leave their homes and gather for a festival of feasting, dancing and mock battles, where the men show off their eye-catching penis sheaths known as "koteka".
Dani men wear penis sheaths called koteka while bereaved women used to chop off fingers.
This excellently written book, with its magnificent illustrations, tells us that, from ceremonial dress to fur coats, tribal paint, feathers and penis sheaths, finery conveys the power of those who are wearing it.
The men, who wore penis sheaths, and the topless women, adorned in woven grass skirts, danced, sang, and shared their culture with us.
What fascinated Levi-Strauss was not the picturesque elements of Bororo lifewhat Wilcken calls "the fetishized objects of the Western imagination: penis sheaths, multicolored headdresses, nose feathers, lip ornaments and body paint." Rather, he became obsessed with the way the Bororo village was laid out.
They are naked except for penis sheaths made of shredded leaves.
as if she might have chanced upon the Royal couple watching a display of ethnic dancing by Papua New Guinea tribesmen in outsized penis sheaths after taking a wrong turn on the way home from Tesco.
The men are dressed in their finest penis sheaths and the women wear new, almost white grass skirts that swing to the rhythm of the dance.