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n. pl. pen·nae (pĕn′ē)
A contour feather of a bird, as distinguished from a down feather or a plume.

[Latin, feather; see pet- in Indo-European roots.]

pen·na′ceous (pĕ-nā′shəs) adj.
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"Caudipteryx represents an early and preliminary step down an intriguing evolutionary pathway, and is also among the most primitive dinosaurs to possess feathers of the pennaceous (blade-like) type seen in modern birds."
Caihong had fuzzy feathers and pennaceous ones, those that look like writing quills.
The scientists described the feather as "pennaceous," meaning it was the kind of feather you might imagine when picturing a quill, with a hollow base stuck in the skin.
The sample was composed of a nearly equal mix of downy and pennaceous feather types.