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1. Having feathers or wings.
2. Having elongate, bilaterally symmetrical valves. Used of diatoms.
3. Resembling a feather. Used especially of a muscle whose fibers extend obliquely from a tendon.

[Latin pennātus, from penna, feather; see pet- in Indo-European roots.]
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(ˈpɛneɪt) or


1. (Zoology) having feathers, wings, or winglike structures
2. (Botany) another word for pinnate
[C19: from Latin pennātus, from penna wing]
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Adj.1.pennate - having feathered wings
feathered - having or covered with feathers; "our feathered friends"
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These deep maxima of chlorophyll-a layers in the Campeche Canyon have been associated with dominant phytoplankton species, including coccolithophores (Emiliana huxleyi, Gephyrocapsa oceanica, Florisphaera profunda), pennate diatoms (Nitzschia bicapitata, Nitzschia bifurcata), and dinoflagellates (Ceratium furca, Oxitoxum sp.) (Duran-Campos et al, 2017).
Increase in vastus lateralis aponeurosis width induced by resistance training: implications for a hypertrophic model of pennate muscle.
Based on their morphology, two types of diatoms are identified, centric with a radial symmetry and pennate with a bilateral symmetry.
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The PM is a broad pennate muscle that lies on the anterior aspect of the chest wall with no consistent anatomic description in the literature.
I was also a product of my environment and so loved a lot of indie bands (like The Kooks, Razorlight, The Libertines, Jack Pennate) and, later, rap music.
Chi suonava con me in quegli anni aveva parecchio da tribolare per dare una quadratura alle mie pennate sulla chitarra.