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 (pĕn′ē-lĭs, pĕn′ə-)
1. Entirely without money.
2. Very poor.

pen′ni·less·ly adv.
pen′ni·less·ness n.
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Noun1.pennilessness - a state of lacking money
impoverishment, poorness, poverty - the state of having little or no money and few or no material possessions


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He said he had been thinking of a shop himself; though it had presented itself to his pennilessness as a small place in which Eliza should sell tobacco at one counter whilst he sold newspapers at the opposite one.
(Lankisch et al., 2019) The increasing pressure of automation replacement on the human resources indicates that the social safety net is eroding as employment tax and innovation schemes are mismatched (substituted employees frequently depend on social aid to alleviate the shift between jobs and to impede pennilessness).
Libby, the main character, is a strong, resilient female who surprises even herself as she overcomes her depression, homelessness, pennilessness, and feelings of abandonment.
The move towards knowledge as an essential economic resource and its public good character (Mihaila et al., 2016) may reduce pennilessness and assist in ensuring that the advantages of economic and technological advancement are broadly disseminated.