penny whistle

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also penny whistle  (pĕn′ē-wĭs′əl, -hwĭs′-)
An inexpensive fipple flute, usually having a plastic mouthpiece and a tin body.

penny whistle



(Instruments) a type of flageolet with six finger holes, esp a cheap one made of metal. Also called: tin whistle
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and I was going to take charge of a two-penny-halfpenny river-steamboat with a penny whistle attached
From that point, his guitar and penny whistle never left his side - his whistle never will," his children said.
If the Tories are running true to form all I will get is a penny whistle, a begging bowl, and told to get on with it.
As well as his electric pipes, Donald has created a new version of the penny whistle which can be adapted to play a wider range of notes.
Street food stalls will be on site on both days, Wylam Brewery will be serving refreshments, while workshops will provide the opportunity for people to learn to play the spoons, the penny whistle or the drums.
The Celtic Connections regular, who also plays the penny whistle and guitar, says his mum Susan and dad Hossein have grown to love his music.
gt; Bagpipes, penny whistle, other Scottish flavors for 18th-century adventure
She brought along her penny whistle and was planning to sing the traditional Banks of the Roses.
Produced by Grammy winning artist/producer Will Ackerman, Emergence has an A-list of solo instrumentalists including Charlie Bisharat and Lila Sklar on violins, Eugene Friesen on Cello, Sam Bevan on double bass, Jill Haley on English horn, Richard "Gus" Sebring on French Horn and Jim Rothermel on Penny Whistle.
Also on the Saturday bill are Fluff, featuring Ben Martin on saxophone, and the Charlotte Glasson Band from Brighton, which features trombonist Paul Taylor and legendary guitarist Chris Spedding alongside multi-instrumentalist Charlotte who is likely to play flute, saxophone, penny whistle, violin and even the saw in the course of a gig.
We have followed Bard in two more recent cases involving plaintiffs who were attacked or threatened by dogs (Petrone v Fernandez, 12 NY3d 546 [2009]; Bernstein v Penny Whistle Toys, Inc.
Musicians from around Dumfries and Galloway and as far away as Carlisle travel e w to The Hoose with everything from a penny whistle to a bull fiddle just for the craic.