penny whistle

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also penny whistle  (pĕn′ē-wĭs′əl, -hwĭs′-)
An inexpensive fipple flute, usually having a plastic mouthpiece and a tin body.
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penny whistle



(Instruments) a type of flageolet with six finger holes, esp a cheap one made of metal. Also called: tin whistle
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and I was going to take charge of a two-penny-halfpenny river-steamboat with a penny whistle attached!
After a decade on major labels, scoring four Top 10 albums - two of them number ones - Newton made his last album, Hit The Ground Running entirely under his own steam and has done the same with his forthcoming Best Of, where you'll hear harp, zither, penny whistle, melodica, bass, piano and electric and acoustic guitar.
Last night I encountered a doorstep musician who was playing Silent Night on a penny whistle.
All are welcome to come and listen to Celtic tunes produced on instruments including the penny whistle, recorder, flute, hammered dulcimer, guitar and string bass.
"Hours and hours and hours of instrumental music with a lot of penny whistle and violin and light piano playing."
The first session is with folk musician Phil Edwards, who plays the accordion, penny whistle and recorders.
Toktonasyrov sat in front of the UN House with posters, blowing a penny whistle and crying out occasionally: "Freedom to Marat!"
Greg Garrison, himself a musician -- he plays penny whistle with the New Orleans Strathspey and Reel Society -- caught the last two numbers of The East Pointers, a Canadian Celtic band with Acadian roots, and wanted to hear more: "I've never heard sets that combine jigs and reels and Appalachian style banjo," he said.
"From that point, his guitar and penny whistle never left his side - his whistle never will," his children said.
If the Tories are running true to form all I will get is a penny whistle, a begging bowl, and told to get on with it.
As well as his electric pipes, Donald has created a new version of the penny whistle which can be adapted to play a wider range of notes.
Youngsters will be entertained by a stand-up comedian, and there'll also be workshops to try out belly dancing, beatboxing, playing the penny whistle and playing the spoons.