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1. As much as a penny will buy.
2. A small amount; a modicum.
3. A bargain: got my pennyworth at that price.


1. the amount that can be bought for a penny
2. a small amount: he hasn't got a pennyworth of sense.


(ˈpɛn iˌwɜrθ)

1. as much as may be bought for a penny.
2. a small quantity.
3. a bargain.
[before 1000]


 a small quantity—Johnson, 1755.
Example: pennyworth of apples, 1573.
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Noun1.pennyworth - the amount that can be bought for a penny
worth - an indefinite quantity of something having a specified value; "10 dollars worth of gasoline"


[ˈpenəθ] N (Hist) a pennyworth of sweetsun penique de caramelos
to put in one's two pennyworthmeter baza
you've had your two pennyworthmetiste baza
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To picnic by some lonely stream-side on a few sandwiches, a flask of claret, and a pennyworth of apples; to talk about the books we loved; to exchange our hopes and dreams,--we asked nothing better than this simple fare.
But there was always no money; they never paid for as much as a pennyworth of peppermints.
Philip had been very adroit, and it was with a heavy heart that he gave up his winning; but his fingers itched to play still, and a few days later, on his way to the football field, he went into a shop and bought a pennyworth of J pens.
Under one arm he carried a limp and worn-out case, containing some wind instrument; in the same hand he had a pennyworth of snuff in a little packet of whitey-brown paper, from which he slowly comforted his poor blue old nose with a lengthened- out pinch, as Arthur Clennam looked at him.
I was in it two years ago, when it was Lady Lascelle's, and prefer it to almost any I know in London, and certainly she will then feel, to use a vulgar phrase, that she has got her pennyworth for her penny.
My own exclusive breakfast of a penny loaf and a pennyworth of milk, I provided myself.
All he insisted on was that these wandering religions should be self-supporting and not feed a pennyworth's out of the royal coffers.
On approaching nearer, Bella discerned that the refection had the appearance of a small cottage-loaf and a pennyworth of milk.
But, on the other hand, the postilion who drove us was a Viscount, a son of some bankrupt Imperial General, who accepted a pennyworth of beer on the road.
If we went round the moon it would not make a pennyworth of difference to me or to my work."
Weevle, who is a handy good-for-nothing kind of young fellow, borrows a needle and thread of Miss Flite and a hammer of his landlord and goes to work devising apologies for window-curtains, and knocking up apologies for shelves, and hanging up his two teacups, milkpot, and crockery sundries on a pennyworth of little hooks, like a shipwrecked sailor making the best of it.
Not content with this, he captured the floating policeman and induced him to stand opposite the entrance and watch it; and finally paused an instant for a pennyworth of chestnuts, and an inquiry as to the probable length of the merchant's stay in the neighbourhood.