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(30.) Pensel PE, Ullio Gamboa G, Fabbri J, Ceballos L, Sanchez Bruni S, Alvarez LI, et al.
After a rigorous search, the board of the Global Coffee Platform appointed Annette Pensel executive director of the organization.
A restoration plan was drawn up by members and local architect Sel Jones, of Pensel Cymunedol, to remodel the Caernarfon chapel for modern community use.
MAE'N fore Gwener ac rwy'n sefyll o flaen ffenest y gegin gyda hilden, neu golander, mewn un llaw a dalen wen gyda thwll min pensel yn y llaw arall.
A modified extraction of the TBARS method was used to analyze lipid oxidation (Pensel, 1990).
Furthermore, he goes on to mention three gifts for which there is no equivalent in either of the earlier versions: J geue the Blanchard, my stede lel, And Gyfre, my owen knaue; And of my armes oo pensel. (326-28)
Camera (color/B&W, DV), Dyanna Taylor, editor, White; music, Roger Neff; sound, Jim Gallup; supervising sound editor, Mary Ellen Porto; rerecording mixer, Tony Volante; archival research, Leora Kaye, Raj Kommineui, Silvina Sterin Pensel, Christina Wieboldt; line producer, Nicole Opper.
Booth cites Sonnet 16, 9-12: So should the lines of life that life repaire Which this (Times pensel or my pupill pen) Neither in inward worth nor outward faire Can make you live your selfe in eies of men.