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1. Constituting a pension.
2. Mercenary; venal.
n. pl. pen·sion·ar·ies
1. A pensioner.
2. A hireling.
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1. constituting a pension
2. maintained by or receiving a pension
n, pl -aries
a person whose service can be bought; hireling
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(ˈpɛn ʃəˌnɛr i)

n., pl. -ar•ies,
adj. n.
2. a hireling.
3. of the nature of a pension.
4. receiving a pension.
[1530–40; < Medieval Latin pēnsiōnārius. See pension, -ary]
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a person paid to perform tasks or services, especially as a hireling.
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Noun1.pensionary - the beneficiary of a pension fund
beneficiary, donee - the recipient of funds or other benefits
old-age pensioner - an old person who receives an old-age pension
2.pensionary - a person who works only for money
employee - a worker who is hired to perform a job
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The Grand Pensionary bowed before the will of his fellow citizens; Cornelius de Witt, however, was more obstinate, and notwithstanding all the threats of death from the Orangist rabble, who besieged him in his house at Dort, he stoutly refused to sign the act by which the office of Stadtholder was restored.
John de Witt, at the first intimation of the charge brought against his brother, had resigned his office of Grand Pensionary. He too received a noble recompense for his devotedness to the best interests of his country, taking with him into the retirement of private life the hatred of a host of enemies, and the fresh scars of wounds inflicted by assassins, only too often the sole guerdon obtained by honest people, who are guilty of having worked for their country, and of having forgotten their own private interests.
And with the same calm mien, but more melancholy than he had been on entering the prison, the Grand Pensionary proceeded towards the cell of his brother.
Sources told the Express Tribune that whenever the proceedings initiated against the judges, they resign to save pensionary benefits.
The scheme, which will be launched on August 21, will provide social security to people in the form of life insurance, accidental insurance and pensionary benefits.
The same bench on Monday directed the managing director (MD) of the Sindh Small Industries Corporation (SSIC) to appear on Aug 21 over non-compliance of an earlier order about payment of pensionary benefits to a retired official.
Through their constitutional petition, the petitioners called into question the order dated 02-3-2013 which dismissed their application for inclusion of their previous service as contract employees for calculation of pensionary benefits after regularisation.
The Gujarat government counsel also informed the top court that three guilty officials, who tried to tamper with evidence in the Bilkis Bano gangrape case, have been stripped off entire pensionary benefits, and an IPS officer has been demoted by two ranks.
We all have witnessed incidents where the retired government employees have suffered due to non- payment of their pensionary benefits to the extent that they were left with no other option except attempting suicide.
He further said that Khusheed Shah Committee had restored thousands of employees who never turned up on duty even a day, collected thousand of rupees and now enjoying pensionary benefits.
3) Introduced new Sub-Section (5) in the Section 51-A and declared that the perks, privileges and allowances to the elected members of the council and also salary, allowances and pensionary benefits of the employees of the council will be borne by the AJK government from its consolidation fund.