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A five-pointed star, often held to have magical or mystical significance, formed by five straight lines connecting the vertices of a pentagon and enclosing another pentagon in the completed figure. Also called pentagram.

[Medieval Latin *pentāculum : Greek penta-, penta- + Latin -culum, diminutive suff.]
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(Alternative Belief Systems) another name for pentagram
[C16: from Italian pentacolo something having five corners; see penta-]
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(ˈpɛn tə kəl)

2. a similar figure, as a hexagram.
[1585–95; < Italian pentacolo five-cornered object. See penta-, -cle1]
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A five-pointed star within a circle, used as a means of protection by witches and magicians.
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Noun1.pentacle - a star with 5 pointspentacle - a star with 5 points; formed by 5 straight lines between the vertices of a pentagon and enclosing another pentagon
star - a plane figure with 5 or more points; often used as an emblem
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Chapter titles include, Fleeing the Cross and the Pentacle: Resistance and Opposition in the Maintenance of Collective Identity, Neo-Heathens and Reconstructionists: The Project and Problems of Constructing a Heathen Nomos, Valkyries and Frithweavers: Women's Shifting Roles--from Warriors to Domestic Caretakers, and Honoring the Ancestors: Dealing with Issues of Race, Ethnicity, and Whiteness in Construction an Ethnic Folkway.
Eddie Obeng, founder of the world's first virtual business school, Pentacle, meanwhile, gave a keynote speech on the journey to innovation.
His latest novel, The Schidoni Pentacle, is based in the Vatican in Rome and the Languedoc region of France.
Ian, who was something of an electronics enthusiast, used a helium-neon red laser from Maplin to create a five-pointed pentacle star made from laser-light.
The Department of Veterans Affairs refused to put a pentacle, the symbol of the Stewarts' Wiccan faith, on his memorial marker.
According to virtual business technology firm Pentacle, more than 70% of senior management admit UK bosses have little or no experience of how to deal with a downturn, with over two thirds believing the UK is heading into a recession or serious downturn.
In Chapter 6 of The Da Vinci Code, author Dan Brown says that Venus forms a pentacle, or pentagram, as it moves across the sky.
Department of Veterans Affairs refused permission to include on the plaque a Wiccan symbol, a pentacle inside a circle, for Stewart's professed religion.
made the pattern of a cross, the Star of David, a pentacle, a
Others include Eddie Obeng - who founded Pentacle, the world's first Virtual Business School - and Dr Colin Ashurst, who is an associate director for learning and teaching at Newcastle University Business School.
The company behind the survey, Pentacle, an online business school, said most executives and managers in British business have a sceptical view of the value of company-wide strategic initiatives.
With the help of Americans United, Roberta Stewart sued the Department of Veterans Affairs last year after officials refused to allow the pentacle, the symbol of the Stewarts' Wiccan faith, on his memorial marker.