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1. A polygon with five sides and five angles.
2. Pentagon A five-sided building near Washington DC, containing the US Department of Defense and the offices of the US Armed Forces. Used with the.

[Late Latin pentagōnium, from Greek pentagōnon, from neuter of pentagōnos, pentagonal : penta-, penta- + -gōnos, angled; see -gon.]

pen·tag′o·nal (pĕn-tăg′ə-nəl) adj.
pen·tag′o·nal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.pentagonal - of or relating to or shaped like a pentagon
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خُماسي الشَّكْل
beş köşeli


[penˈtægənl] ADJpentagonal
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[pɛnˈtægənl] adjpentagonale
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(ˈpentəgən) , ((American) -gon) noun
a 5-sided geometrical figure.
penˈtagonal (-ˈtӕ-) adjective
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The most common form for the construction of a house is five-sided or pentagonal, as in the annexed figure.
The good sense of the community has seconded the efforts of the Legislature; and now, even in the country, the pentagonal construction has superseded every other.
sculptilis * Not recurved, Pentagonal to In proximal one dominant pentalobate and middle anal ridge column G.
The 5th pentagonal side of the Apocalypse tower, the world's first stand-up tower drop, is fitted with a unique stand-up shuttle - with no floor.
Another student, Natasha Ortiz, came up with a box that's shaped like an elongated pentagonal cupola and looks a lot like a circus tent.
Among the many outstanding features is a first floor granny flat with private entrance, a pentagonal conservatory, three reception rooms, and two en-suite bedrooms.
Pentagonal was a further 15 lengths back in third with Lord Of The Manor fourth of the five runners.
A five-step pentagonal amphitheater from the class of 1965 depicts the role of technology in the Academy's learning process.
Hundreds of quasicrystals have been found since, some with non-crystallographic axial symmetries, pentagonal, octagonal (16), decagonal (17), and dodecagonal (18).
Sally Eddery and Sir Michael Stoute teamed up to secure last year's prize with Pentagonal and the same partnership should go close in their repeat bid with easy Windsor scorer Adjawar.
"I won the Queen Mother's Cup on Pentagonal last season and I hope the boss can find me another for this year."
Using small straws (or coffee stirrers) and pipe-cleaner connectors (or toothpicks and minimarshmallows or raisins), work with your classmates to build the following three-dimensional shapes: a triangular pyramid, a square pyramid, a pentagonal pyramid, and a hexagonal pyramid.