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n. pl. pen·ta·he·drons or pen·ta·he·dra (-drə)
A solid having five plane faces.

pen′ta·he′dral (-drəl) adj.


n, pl -drons or -dra (-drə)
(Mathematics) a solid figure having five plane faces. See also polyhedron
ˌpentaˈhedral adj


(ˌpɛn təˈhi drən)

n., pl. -drons, -dra (-drə).
a solid figure having five faces.
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Noun1.pentahedron - any polyhedron having five plane faces
polyhedron - a solid figure bounded by plane polygons or faces


nFünfflächner m, → Pentaeder nt
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The Sphere would willingly have continued his lessons by indoctrinating me in the conformation of all regular Solids, Cylinders, Cones, Pyramids, Pentahedrons, Hexahedrons, Dodecahedrons, and Spheres: but I ventured to interrupt him.
The first is based on traditional element properties derived from assumed displacement folds and the second is based on stress elements based on assumed stress fields satisfying the necessary equations of stress equilibrium, enhanced displacement elements based on assumed displacement fields with additional fields vanishing on the element boundaries (the magnitudes of which are determined from the Principle of Minimum Total Potential Energy), and a special hexahedron element constructed from two pentahedrons based on assumed displacement fields.
Their constructed box-like shapes vary from simple cubes or pyramids to more challenging pentahedrons an duo-decahedrons.