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1. or pen·tam·er·al (-əl) Having five similar parts.
2. Having flower parts, such as petals, sepals, and stamens, in sets of five.

pen·tam′er·ism, pen·tam′er·y n.


(Botany) consisting of five parts, esp (of flowers) having the petals, sepals, and other parts arranged in groups of five
penˈtamerˌism, penˈtamery n


(pɛnˈtæm ər əs)

1. consisting of or divided into five parts.
2. (of flowers) having five members in each whorl.
[1820–30; < New Latin pentamerus. See penta-, -merous]
pen•tam′er•ism, pen•tam′er•y, n.
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Adj.1.pentamerous - divided into five parts; specifically, having each floral whorl consist of five (or a multiple of five) members; "pentamerous flowers"
phytology, botany - the branch of biology that studies plants
divided - separated into parts or pieces; "opinions are divided"
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This first volume deals with the pentameral, or regular echinoids; a second volume will focus on the bilateral, or irregular species.
Further studies of nervous system development during the critical metamor-phic transition in other echinoderm larvae will be important in understanding evolution of the unusual pentameral body plan of these bilaterians.
For example, an echinoid test may display near-perfect pentameral symmetry, or it may have well-defined bilateral symmetry.