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Having five haploid sets of chromosomes.
A pentaploid individual.


(ˈpɛntəˌplɔɪd) biology
(Biology) containing five haploid sets of chromosomes
(Biology) a pentaploid organism


(ˈpɛn təˌplɔɪd)

1. having a chromosome number that is five times the haploid number.
2. a pentaploid cell or organism.
pen′ta•ploi`dy, n.
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A simple cytogenetic examination of the abnormal pronuclear stage would have been helpful to decide at least whether the number of whole chromosome sets has increased (the chromosomal constitution should then be in the pentaploid range) or whether an approximately diploid constitution is present.
three (3%) are exclusively triploid, one (1%) is exclusively pentaploid,
Udensi & Ntui (2013) observed that when the induced polyploidy is a mixoploid, it could either be a diploid+triploid (2n+3n) or diploid+tetraploid (2n+4n) and if tilts towards the former, there is every likelihood of aborted process as affirmed by Meng & Finn (2002) that fertility is often poor if the hybrid is triploid, pentaploid,or an aneuploid with a chromosome number less than hexaploid.
A natural pentaploid strawberry genotype from the Changbai Mountains in Northeast China.
Chromosome number and microsporogenesis in a pentaploid accession of Brachiaria brizantha (Graminae).
1] hybrid pentaploid between the bermudagrass PI 290884 (in the literature as 'Tifton 292') from South Africa and the stargrass (C.
1997) with the exception of Huanghua (Hebei Province) where a few tetraploid individuals appeared, and there are also a few triploid, tetraploid and pentaploid individuals that appeared in Balikun saltlake and Aibi saltlake in the Xinjiang autonomous region; therefore only diploid clones are being studied.
Rare pentaploid plants have been reported from interspecific artificial hybridization (Johnston, 1975; Burton et al.
triploid, tetraploid, pentaploid, hexaploid, heptaploid, octaploid.
Uniclonal population structure in the pentaploid obligate agamosperm Taraxacum albidum Dahlst.