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n. pl. pen·ti·men·ti (-tē)
An underlying image in a painting, especially one that has become visible when the top layer of paint has turned transparent with age, providing evidence of revision by the artist.

[Italian, correction, pentimento, from pentire, to repent, from Latin paenitēre.]


n, pl -ti (-tiː)
1. (Art Terms) the revealing of a painting or part of a painting that has been covered over by a later painting
2. (Art Terms) the part of a painting thus revealed
[C20: Italian, literally: correction]


(ˌpɛn təˈmɛn toʊ)

n., pl. -ti (-tē).
1. the reemergence in a painting of an image that has been painted over.
2. the image itself.
[1900–05; < Italian, =penti(re) to repent (< Latin paenitēre to regret) + -mento -ment]
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Noun1.pentimento - the reappearance in a painting of an underlying image that had been painted over (usually when the later painting becomes transparent with age)
painting, picture - graphic art consisting of an artistic composition made by applying paints to a surface; "a small painting by Picasso"; "he bought the painting as an investment"; "his pictures hang in the Louvre"
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L'autografo del libro precedente, Cristo si e fermato a Eboli, scritto di getto nella clandestinita di Firenze tra la fine del 1943 e l'estate del 1944, conferma la sicurezza di progettazione e scrittura, con rari pentimenti o correzioni nonostante il periodo di confino in Basilicata fosse ormai distante otto anni, per quanto fissato in quadri e poesie che ne conservavano i colori, i personaggi e il tipo di "visione".
The X-ray of the picture reveals two pentimenti - alterations to the design.
The small "Opens," meanwhile, seem more rapidly conceived and, though filled with impulsive pentimenti, they still fall within the easel tradition.
In this monograph on the painting, Antonio Mazzota asserts it is definitively by Bellini, citing pentimenti and the technical inferiority of the other extant versions, along with a number of historical clues.
Byrne approaches her work as an art critic, examining the canvas minutely, identifying the palimpsests, the pentimenti, looking at what lurks in corners, unregarded, teasing out the narratives.
Nozkowski's open-ended game involves layering flat or glossy applications of paint, wiping down, overpainting, scraping and sanding, slight impastos, pentimenti, precisely drawn linear elements, doodling, even.
The two profoundly different versions of the mysterious Virgin of the Rocks, the uncannily perfect wall painting of The Last Supper, exhibited by a full-scale copy by his pupil Giampietrino (1500-1550) before the new doorway cut off Christ's feet; three portraits: Belle Ferronniere from the Louvre, The Portrait of a Musician from the Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana, Pinocoteca, Milan and The Lady with an Ermine, Il Moro's mistress, from the Czartoryski Foundation, Cracow; Saint Jerome from the Vatican Museums, Vatican City, an unfinished work showing Leonardo's pentimenti in both drapery and the lion, and more were brought together in this outstanding collection.
In Julie York: Reflectionnoitcelfter, Pentimenti Gallery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US, the Canadian York renders the biases with which we view the world opaque.
Not entirely, since x-rays have revealed pentimenti (sketches under the canvas indicating shifts in terms of figures and interiors prior to the final impression).
Historically, restorers often covered up pentimenti with excessive coats of paint, usually to hide awkward areas of the painting, or (unfortunately) to exhibit their own creative flair.
Blackfriars, 1641), as well as an extended Bibliography and Index, the four cataloguers have prepared excellent introductory essays, with endnotes, for each of the four sections; and each of the numbered images throughout the catalogue includes a dedicated commentary on the sitter, the occasion, the probable date of the painting, provenance history, locations of copies and other versions, remarkable pentimenti, technique and iconography, and essential published research on the painting.
As if to redeem the Naked Majas of art history, Neel rises upright, trailing pentimenti, defiantly proclaiming the nude's right to come to life and fight back.