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Rats were anesthetized with sodium pentobarbitone 35 mg/kg of body weight intraperitoneally and then given atropine sulfate 25 mg/cc to minimize any respiratory discomfort.
Anaesthetic effects of chloral hydrate, pentobarbitone and urethane in adult male rats.
The journal said they were "sacrificed by an overdose of sodium pentobarbitone".
Each animal was sublethally anesthetized with sodium pentobarbitone (Euthatal, Merial Animal Health Ltd., Dublin; 200mg/ml) at a dose of 50mg/Kg.
Imipramine; pentylenetetrazol; caffeine; sodium pentobarbitone; Tween 80 (Sigma-Aldrich Inc., St.
Mice were injected intraperitoneally with 0.15 [micro]Ci of 4-iodo-N-methyl-[[sup.14]C] antipyrine (Hartmann Analytic, Germany, specific activity 55 mCi/mmol), and 2 minutes later, they were injected intraperitoneally with an overdose of pentobarbitone then immersed in isopentane on dry ice until frozen.
After completion of investigation, the experiment was terminated by intraperitoneal (IP) sacrification of rats administering sodium pentobarbitone (30 mg/100 g).
At day 56 (2 weeks after the BDA cortex injections), rats were euthanized by lethal injection of sodium pentobarbitone (50 mg/100 g) and transcardially perfused in 0.9 M with 100 ml of heparinized Dulbecco's PBS followed by 4% (w/v) paraformaldehyde in PBS pH 7.4.
Anesthesia was induced by intraperitoneal injection of pentobarbitone (60 mg x [kg.sup.-1], Dainabot, Osaka, Japan) and maintained by repeated doses of 25 mg x [kg.sup.-1] if necessary, primarily based on animal movements.
Plasma luteinizing hormone and progesterone in the adult female pig during the oestrous cycle, late pregnancy and lactation and after ovariectomy and pentobarbitone treatment.
The animals were sacrificed 24 hours after LPS administration under pentobarbitone anesthesia; lungs were quickly removed and processed as indicated below.