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 (pĕn′tŏk-sĭf′ə-lēn′, -lĭn, pĕn-tŏk′sə-fĭl′ēn′, -ĭn)
A drug, C13H18N4O3, that decreases blood viscosity and improves blood flow, used to treat intermittent claudication.

[pent(yl) + oxy- + alteration of (theo)phylline.]
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Noun1.pentoxifylline - a drug (trade name Trental) used to treat claudication; believed to increase the flexibility of red blood cells so they can flow through the blood vessels to the legs and feet
drug - a substance that is used as a medicine or narcotic
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n pentoxifilina
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Dapsone, colchicine, pentoxifylline, and thalidomide can be effective for episodic treatment and prophylaxis, he said, warning against the use of thalidomide and other tumor necrosis factors in women who are of childbearing age.
Of the two FDA-approved pharmacologic agents for treating claudication, data suggest that cilostazol is superior to pentoxifylline. But cilostazol is contraindicated in patients with any degree of heart failure, due to concerns about arrhythmia.
ExonHit Therapeutics, Paris, France, the alternative splicing- based drug discovery company, has initiated its first clinical trial evaluating EHT 0201 (pentoxifylline) in patients suffering from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).
Half the animals were then given the cancer drug Pentoxifylline to test its effectiveness at fighting the infection and improving blood supply.
Exemplary compositions in this class include: pentoxifylline; isobutylmethyl xanthine; ciprofloxacin; rolipram; terferol; and the quinolones generally.
Oral pentoxifylline (Trental [R]) has improved the outcome of some patients with sickle cell leg ulcers.
Finally they settled on "Pentoxifylline" which is pleasant sounding and somewhat familiar.
Some of the medicines, such as aspirin, lithium, ACE inhibitors, ciclosporin, pentoxifylline, warfarin and methotrexate, interact with ketoprofen leading to various complications.
Some studies show possible benefits of pentoxifylline, vitamin E combination (7).
However, hydroxychloroquine works well for skin disease, chloroquine helps combat hypercalcemia, and pentoxifylline and thalidomide can be helpful in cases of treatment-resistant lupus pernio.
Pentoxifylline (PTX) is a methylxanthine derivative with multiple hemorheologic properties.