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also pe·nu·chi  (pə-no͞o′chē) or pa·no·cha  (-nō′chə) or pa·no·che  (-chē)
A fudgelike confection of brown sugar, butter, cream or milk, and often chopped nuts.

[Variant of panocha.]


(Cookery) a variant of panocha


(pəˈnu tʃi)

a fudge made of brown sugar, butter, milk, and usu. nuts.
[1945–50, Amer.; variant of panocha orig., raw sugar < Mexican Spanish; compare Sp panocha, variant of panoja ear of grain, panicle < Latin pānucula, pānicula; see panicle]
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Noun1.penuche - fudge made with brown sugar and butter and milk and nuts
fudge - soft creamy candy
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KetchiCandies' fudge (made using real cream and pure butter) flavors include chocolate walnut, chocolate pecan, chocolate peanut butter, vanilla, and penuche (maple) with or without nuts.
Top prices: Calved heifers -ES Roberts, Gwyddfor, Penygroes; Brdg cow + calf -RG Jones, Dolmenllyn, Ganllwyd; Grazing cows -DC & S Owen, Pentre Mawr, Dyffryn Ardudwy; BB x str -HE Thomas, Cwm Derwen, Llanerfyl; Cast ewes -RJ Evans, Cynfal, Bryncrug; Rams -LL & GO Roberts, Gorddinan, Dolwyddelan; Welsh hoggs -HW & SW Nutting, Cwmrhwyddfor, Talyllyn; SF hoggs -Garthgwynion Estate, Glaspwll; Xbred hoggs -TA & AM Pugh, Penuche, Dinas Mawddwy & M Rees, Dolwen Uchaf, Rhosygwaliau.
For 95 years, Genoans have been raising money for town improvements by 1) selling vast quantities of tasty homemade fudge and penuche and divinity and 2) holding a dance.
Pour the custard over the penuche filling in the pie, then top with whipped cream and toasted nuts, if desired.
As my back straightened and my chest thrust out a bit without over doing it, I told him with a subdued flair, like melting penuche on one's tongue, that there were others about, some in the attic, etc.