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 (pē′nŭlt′, pĭ-nŭlt′) also pe·nul·ti·ma (pĭ-nŭl′tə-mə)
1. The next to the last item in a series.
2. The next to the last syllable in a word.

[Short for penultima, from Latin paenultima, feminine of paenultimus, next to last : paene, almost + ultimus, last; see ultimate.]
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(ˈpɛnʌlt; pɪˈnʌlt) or


(Grammar) the last syllable but one in a word
[C16: Latin paenultima syllaba, from paene ultima almost the last]
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(ˈpi nʌlt, pɪˈnʌlt)

the next to the last syllable in a word.
[1530–40; < Latin paenultima (syllaba), contraction of paene ultima almost the last]
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Noun1.penult - the next to last syllable in a word
syllable - a unit of spoken language larger than a phoneme; "the word `pocket' has two syllables"
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[pɪˈnʌlt] Npenúltima f
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Eastern Arabic dialects (exclusively Levantine) share the following rules: (i) a superheavy ultimate syllable always triggers the main stress, as in [??]'me:n 'two worlds' (Younes 1995: 163); (ii) otherwise, assign the main stress to a heavy penult, as in mos.'taf.fa 'hospital' (Johnson 1979:154); (iii) otherwise, stress the antepenult, as in hae:.' 'she fought him' (Younes 1995:163).
According to Morales-Front (2014), about 64% of the Spanish words have the stress on the penult syllable, 28% on the last syllable and only 8% on the antepenult syllable.
Several indicator variables are included where [Age.sub.i] = 1 if the stadium is of age "i." Also, we utilize indicators for the final year (Final) of the old stadium and penultimate year (Penult), by including two additional binary indicators to control for potential nostalgic effects.
Stress falls on the final syllable if it contains a bimoraic nucleus and otherwise on the penult. Evidence for the tautosyllabic syllabification of the above VV sequences comes from the fact that, in normal speech, stress falls on the first of two vowel structures in the penult, e.g., 'girl', tau.a 'war', cf., va.o.a 'be overgrown with weeds', in which neither ao or oa can form a tautosyllabic diphthong.
But as he prepared to face Dundee United at Ibrox tonight in hi s penult imate game in charge, Smith piled praise Turn to Page 49
Now as you near your "old hundredth" year run you're the "penult" of our heart and minds with McLauglin's gondola swinging still and low.
The answer seems provided by Abertillery or Abertyleti (with stress on the penult), near Ebbw Vale in industrial Blaenau Gwent.
In the same manner, the strong penult [ka] and the weak ultima [dow] are integrated into the foot [ka.dow].
But the argument remains cogent.(15) The proposition that gl -- is eschewed is in line with the non-occurrence of wil --; and Itsumi might well have gone on to consider other octosyllables 'plus spondee': ch ia --, ia ch --, 2ch --, 2ia --.(16) In all of these, respectively associable with ch ia ba, ia ch ba, 2ch ba, and 2ia ba (3ia), even as gl -- and wil - - are associable with gl ba and wil ba, short penult. would be similarly anomalous.