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 (pē′nŭlt′, pĭ-nŭlt′) also pe·nul·ti·ma (pĭ-nŭl′tə-mə)
1. The next to the last item in a series.
2. The next to the last syllable in a word.

[Short for penultima, from Latin paenultima, feminine of paenultimus, next to last : paene, almost + ultimus, last; see ultimate.]


(ˈpɛnʌlt; pɪˈnʌlt) or


(Grammar) the last syllable but one in a word
[C16: Latin paenultima syllaba, from paene ultima almost the last]


(ˈpi nʌlt, pɪˈnʌlt)

the next to the last syllable in a word.
[1530–40; < Latin paenultima (syllaba), contraction of paene ultima almost the last]
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Noun1.penult - the next to last syllable in a word
syllable - a unit of spoken language larger than a phoneme; "the word `pocket' has two syllables"


[pɪˈnʌlt] Npenúltima f
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Additionally, they show that in this language, superheavy syllables bear the main stress irrespective of their place of occurrence in the word and the penult gets the main stress when all syllables have equal weight (heavy-heavy or superheavy-superheavy).
Where both syllables are light, stress falls on the penult (leftmost).
Stress falls on the final syllable if it contains a bimoraic nucleus and otherwise on the penult.
But as he prepared to face Dundee United at Ibrox tonight in hi s penult imate game in charge, Smith piled praise Turn to Page 49
In the same manner, the strong penult [ka] and the weak ultima [dow] are integrated into the foot [ka.
16) In all of these, respectively associable with ch ia ba, ia ch ba, 2ch ba, and 2ia ba (3ia), even as gl -- and wil - - are associable with gl ba and wil ba, short penult.
Barca, again, seem likely to stand in Chelsea's way at the penult i m at e stage if they can beat Benfica in the quarter-finals but Di Matteo insisted: "We're not thinking about anything further than Benfica.
Under this reanalysis, the only adjacent H tones would be the penult H and the final H, in forms with 3 or fewer moras.
Former Masters champion McManus, left, impressed in a 3-1 win over England's Chr is Norbur y in the penult imate qualifying round at the World Snooker Academy in Sheffield yesterday.
pawn)](7) carry final stress because the final syllable is a bimoraic heavy syllable; stress does not fall on the penult *[(tu.