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1. Next to last.
2. Linguistics Of or relating to the penult of a word: penultimate stress.
The next to the last.

[From Latin paenultimus; see penult.]

pe·nul′ti·mate·ly adv.
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in penultimate position; lastly except for one
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In what follows we shall examine Ratzinger's view of love, the self and the human person, and penultimately self-love.
Penultimately, we discuss the results obtained in the two previous sections, looking at what contributed to the robust partial productivity and TFP growth in the freight rail sector from 1986 to 2009.
Penultimately, Dominic Sandbrook reviews Reagan's emergence as the Republican presidential nominee in 1980 and his successful general election campaign, doing so in the ideological context of the rise of conservatism in the West and the fading appeal of New Deal liberalism that had sustained the Democrats for decades.
Penultimately, it offers recommendations for how senior military leaders should approach historiography as they consider the future, and how a grounding in theory benefits them in the politically dominated realm of strategy.
During the weeklong run-up to Al-Bustan's grand finale, vocalist Mario Frangoulis will sing the work of Theodorakis, a mystery act will lead an evening of traditional bouzouki music and, penultimately, pianist Paolo Restani and Gianluca Marcian?'s World Orchestra will perform an evening of 19th-century work (by the usual suspects -- Beethoven, Saint SaE1/2ns, Liszt and Mozart) all inspired by classical Greece.
This reserve maintains its own resistance, however, so as to hover penultimately, placing itself before a horizon of anticipation, though generically going no further.
In the penultimately stressed groups, no SH ends in a vowel, except for the first category ([C.sub.1.sup.2][??]CV(C)).
Each human sense and sensibility needs to be engaged and put into creative dialogue, first with itself, then with all the others (the many), penultimately brought together in integrative fashion in the human person (the one), and ultimately with The One, who as Impersonal/Person is The-Many-in-the-One--who, as St.
Penultimately, we obtain much pertinent information about cross-cultural exchanges by highlighting an early nineteenth-century Mahican who challenged the predominate racial thinking of his day.
Six, penultimately. Round 9: Keep it in the family.
Penultimately (to use one of his favorite words) there's my long-time colleague and editor of NUs property-casualty magazine, Sam Friedman.