pep rally

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pep′ ral`ly

a meeting, as of students before an athletic contest, to stimulate group enthusiasm by rousing talks, cheers, etc.
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Noun1.pep rally - a rally (especially of students) before a gamepep rally - a rally (especially of students) before a game
mass meeting, rally - a large gathering of people intended to arouse enthusiasm
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Equally telling was the backdrop for the public release of the district's budget, a pep rally showcasing the performances of talented students.
patriotic pep rally could not come at a worse time.
Take the Field and Queens Borough President Helen Marshall, who donated $500,000 for the project, hosted a dedication pep rally. A number of city and local officials, school administrators, teachers, students and community residents were in attendance.
The statement, "At the next pep rally, I will throw a homemade pipe bomb filled with black powder after I light the fuse," would carry more weight than "An upcoming pep rally may be disrupted by our group carrying some high explosives, like gunpowder." In the latter example, the subject uses the passive tense "be disrupted" and equivocation in the statement through the qualifiers "may" and "some." This language suggests a lack of commitment on the subject's part.
In the fall of 1999, a group of students at Texas A&M University were continuing the deep football tradition of a bonfire and pep rally on the eve of the big game against their intrastate rival, the University of Texas Longhorns.
Schoolwide events included a Random Acts of Kindness contest, a poster contest, and a peaceful pep rally. Surveys of teachers and students indicated that new teachers considered the project successful and wanted to repeat it.
The chain gathered its more than 1,200 store managers, together with corporate and divisional executives, for the Food Lion Leadership Summit, a two-day event that was part intensive training session, part pep rally. During a group dinner at the massive Greensboro Coliseum, PROGRESSIVE GROCER Publisher Judith Princz and Editor-in-Chief Steve Dowdell took an opportunity once again to extol Food Lion's virtues and officially recognize the chain as Retailer of the Year.
The Times said the CNP meeting was focused on the Bush-Cheney re-election efforts and quoted an anonymous participant who called the gathering a "pep rally" for the president's campaign.
"We have a pep rally for athletics but nobody does a pep rally for academics," says Mark Peterson, superintendent of Lanier County School District in Lakeland, Ga., which recently won an International Reading Association award for its student reading improvement.
"One thing that has happened over time is that the conventions have become overproduced, and a lot of people look at them as an organized pep rally," he tells Variety.
TLMI members held a pep rally, of sorts, at their February meeting to dump on reverse auctions.
While delivering the scan sheets, I am reminded that it is payday, overhear a study group discussing cell mutation, watch as a student with autism strokes a black-and-white puppy, observe seven lines of girls maneuvering basketballs, and enjoy parts of the National Anthem as the choir rehearses for a pep rally.