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n. pl. pe·pi·nos
1. A spiny Andean shrub (Solanum muricatum) in the nightshade family, having violet or blue flowers and edible purple-streaked fruit with fragrant yellow flesh.
2. The fruit of this plant.

[American Spanish, from Spanish, cucumber, from Latin pepō, melon; see pepo.]
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n, pl -nos
1. (Plants) a yellow fruit with purple stripes, produced by the South and Central American evergreen plant Solanum muricatum
2. (Plants) the South and Central American evergreen plant Solanum muricatum, characterized by its blue flowers and purple-yellow fruit
3. (Physical Geography) geography an isolated, steep-sided, conical limestone hill in a karstic region, esp in Puerto Rico
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The harvest at the research farm shows a steady increase, the height and the flowering has also been increasing indicating the variety is good," said Ochieng'.The university is also adopting pepino melon from Italy for growing in various parts of the country.
The founder of BirthStrike, ( Blythe Pepino told CNN that she really wants to have a kid but doesn't feel like this is the a time that one can do that.
FOUNDER: Blythe Pepino, founder of the BirthStrike movement.
HPG Deputy for Administration Senior Superintendent Marvin Pepino said the activity was aimed at connecting the police with the community.
I remember it was almost a full moon I answered yes and then he said to me: as long as you can see the moon, pepino (my imaginary friend) will see it too, he will follow it and he will find you.
Omnia.11 v3.5 "brings significant new updates to the Omnia.11 platform," including the new "Pepino" clipper--the latest FM final clipper design from Omnia Founder and Telos Alliance Executive Chairman Frank Foti .
Holothuria (Halodeima) grisea Selenka, 1867, es un pepino de mar del orden Aspidochirotida, caracterizado por presentar un cuerpo subcilindrico que puede alcanzar 25 cm de largo aproximadamente (Hendler, Miller, Pawson, & Kierp, 1995).
Pepino, director Compostela Valley Provincial Police Office; Lt.