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n. pl. pep·lums
1. A short overskirt or ruffle attached at the waistline of a jacket, blouse, or dress.
2. See peplos.

[Latin, robe of state, from Greek peplon, neuter of peplos, peplos.]

pep′lumed adj.
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n, pl -lums or -la (-lə)
1. (Clothing & Fashion) a flared ruffle attached to the waist of a jacket, bodice, etc
2. (Clothing & Fashion) a variant of peplos
[C17: from Latin: full upper garment, from Greek peplos shawl]
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(ˈpɛp ləm)

n., pl. -lums, -la (-lə).
a piece of fabric, as a full flounce, attached to or extending from the waistline of a jacket, dress, or the like.
[1670–80; < Latin: peplos < Greek pépla (neuter pl.)]
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A short ruffle extending from the waist of a jacket, dress, or blouse to the hips.
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Noun1.peplum - a flared ruffle attached to the waistline of a dress or jacket or blousepeplum - a flared ruffle attached to the waistline of a dress or jacket or blouse
flounce, furbelow, ruffle, frill - a strip of pleated material used as a decoration or a trim
2.peplum - a garment worn by women in ancient Greecepeplum - a garment worn by women in ancient Greece; cloth caught at the shoulders and draped in folds to the waist
garment - an article of clothing; "garments of the finest silk"
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