pepper grass

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Noun1.pepper grass - annual herb used as salad green and garnish
garden cress - cress cultivated for salads and garnishes
cress, cress plant - any of various plants of the family Cruciferae with edible leaves that have a pungent taste
genus Lepidium, Lepidium - cosmopolitan genus of annual and biennial and perennial herbs: cress
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OBE Organic's beef is derived from cattle that graze on semi arid grasslands in the Channel Country of Australia - a unique region which is home to plants such as salt brush and pepper grass, where the animals chose their own diet - free of parasites, disease and chemicals.
That means various combinations of pepper grass, bulrush, sawgrass, shoreline timber, or even docks and other manmade structure.
In the Duba' district of Ta'iz, the locals used garden cress or what is known in some regions as garden pepper cress, pepper grass, pepperwort or poor man>s pepper.