pepper grinder

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Noun1.pepper grinder - a mill for grinding pepperpepper grinder - a mill for grinding pepper    
milling machinery, grinder, mill - machinery that processes materials by grinding or crushing
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Cool and grind in a pestle and mortar or a pepper grinder.
"I was grinding up so much Sichuan peppercorn to add that tingly, numbing zip to grilled chicken and fish I had to buy a second pepper grinder." -Hugh Garvey, food editor
With its dynamic crushing and grinding operation that performs with a simple back and forth action like that of a pepper grinder, a fine powder is sifted from the top of the crusher into a unique detachable, bottom cup.
Then there are other devices that you might not consider -- children's toys, baby monitors, smoke and carbon dioxide detectors, electric cars, wine openers and even something as mundane as a pepper grinder.
The next day I described it to someone as looking like an enlarged model of a Peugeot pepper grinder with a cutaway view.
PASTA NEAPOLITAN Serves: 4 INGREDIENTS 200g Cucina Penne Pasta (45p for 500g) 500g Cucina Creamy Tomato pasta bake sauce (89p, 495g) 200g Casa Barelli pancetta (PS1.49, 200g) 3 Salad Fresh mixed peppers (69p, 3 pack) 1 x Farm Fresh courgette (69p, 500g) 100g Grana Padano cheese, grated (PS1.99, per pack) A little Solesta Olive Oil (PS2.59, 1L) Stonemill sea salt grinder (89p, 50g) Stonemill pepper grinder (89p, 50g) METHOD Preheat the oven to 180degC/Gas Mark 4.
They range from large furniture items (a bed, a table, even a bathtub for Fr9,900) to kitchenware, such as a nutmeg mill (Fr78) or tall pepper grinder (Fr148).
Psst, it's really a salt or pepper grinder and dinner talking point for PS24.95 from Light up the table with this wine bottle candle by Ginger Rose - just don't try and pour a glass.
Colorful new Rachael Ray salt and pepper grinder sets feature a clear oval-shaped window to easily assess when the grinders are running low on peppercorns and salt.
Armed with a twisted assortment of weapons - including a chaingun-style pepper grinder, a teapot cannon and white rabbit time bombs - Alice fights, jumps, runs and twirls through long, drawn-out levels in a bid to save her sanity.