peppered steak

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Noun1.peppered steak - steak covered with crushed peppercorns pan-broiled and served with brandy-and-butter sauce
dish - a particular item of prepared food; "she prepared a special dish for dinner"
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99, Waitrose A RUSTIC red with a chunky character and a minerally, stoney note, there are heaps of black plum flavours, red fruits, spice and wild herbs to put you in the mood for a peppered steak.
Whether it's a Sunday roast, peppered steak, or the finest fillet, we're lucky enough to have such a fat choice that it's easy to go overboard and get the grill going as well.
Ginsters' Deep-Filled Peppered Steak Slice (70g) has also been lopped by 50 per cent and is 89p instead of PS1.
My wife went for the very popular (according to the waiter) peppered steak with wild mushrooms and mustard mayonnaise.
Holland's Pies, the UK's best-known producer of pies and pastries, claimed silver, at the BFFF Annual Awards 2015, for the 'Best New Main Course/Meal Centre Product' Award for its premium Pub Classics range, which includes the popular Guinness Pie, Peppered Steak and Chicken & Flam.
This new range features the finest British ingredients, and includes two flavour varieties: Peppered Steak Pie and Chicken & Ham Pie.
Our gourmet pies include peppered steak, minted lamb and our best-seller, steak and cheese, which is our version of the iconic Kiwi favourite.
Once inside the stadium, there's a whole host of pies on sale from leading North-west producer Holland's, including chicken balti, peppered steak, meat and potato and cheese and onion.
So here is another version of a peppered steak entirely different and without all that rich cream.
He explains: "I used to walk past one on my way to work and on Monday it had steak and chips and a pint, on Tuesday it was cheap steak, and by Wednesday it was peppered steak, confirming my worst suspicions.
Martin is always looking at new recipes and ideas, but his own particular favourite dish would be peppered steak.