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1. Of, containing, or resembling pepper; sharp or pungent in flavor.
2. Vigorously sharp-tempered: a peppery sales clerk.
3. Sharp and stinging in style or content; vivid or fiery: peppery criticism.

pep′per·i·ness n.
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Noun1.pepperiness - a hot spiciness
spicery, spiciness, spice - the property of being seasoned with spice and so highly flavored
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The spirit has a distinct pepperiness to it, which tastes amazing if you get your hands on a spicy haggis.
Benno Craft Lager PS1.29 330ml (PS3.91 per litre) To optimise freshness this is in a can rather than a bottle and brings us crisp, bright uncomplicated lager with aromas of hay coupled with cereal-based flavours laced with mild pepperiness. It is named in honour of a German pioneer in cool fermentation techniques - Benno Scharl.
The pate was light and had a great kick of pepperiness. Although a decent portion, it was light enough not to be too filling and went well with the crisp, ciabatta fingers.
When sampling, extra virgin olive oils should have a taste and smell that reminds you of fresh olives, but they also should have an element of bitterness and a pepperiness that you feel in the back of your throat.
There was plenty of pepperiness and brightness from the green onion.
Lienesch says that this variety takes all the aspects of Taiwanese food and dry noodles that he loves and combines them together, including a "savoriness, spiciness, Sichuan pepperiness, sweetness." He describes it has having "everything working in tandem and in harmony and balance."
The green dot of watercress puree adds great pepperiness. We simply blanch the watercress in highly-salted water until the leaves completely break down.
Bitterness and pepperiness of olive oil are positive characteristics because they indicate the presence of healthful polyphenols.
Obviously they look radishing (sorry) in any salad and have a fiery pepperiness when you eat them raw (dipped in garlic mayo our favourite), but have you ever thought of roasting radishes?
Sprouts are a good alternative to cabbage or kale in slaws and salads, but as they lack a definitive crunch or hot pepperiness, it's best to let them mingle with their dressing for a while.
Warm winter vegetables and served in a little cup, it was smooth and seasoned just right with a bit of pepperiness. Is that a word?
With a light spicy toffee aroma, this is a zesty beer with hints of grapefruit or lime, a very slight warming pepperiness at the end, and even a very slightly salty edge.