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n. pl. pep·per·o·nis
1. A highly spiced pork and beef sausage.
2. A slice of this type of sausage.

[Italian peperoni, pl. of peperone, pimento, red pepper, augmentative of pepe, pepper, from Latin piper; see pepper.]
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(Cookery) a highly seasoned dry sausage of pork and beef spiced with pepper, used esp on pizza
[C20: from Italian peperoni, plural of peperone cayenne pepper]
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or pep•er•o•ni

(ˌpɛp əˈroʊ ni)

n., pl. -nis.
a highly seasoned, hard sausage of beef and pork.
[1920–25, Amer.; < Italian peperoni, pl. of peperone cayenne pepper plant, augmentative of pepe pepper]
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Noun1.pepperoni - a pork and beef sausage (or a thin slice of this sausage)pepperoni - a pork and beef sausage (or a thin slice of this sausage)
sausage - highly seasoned minced meat stuffed in casings
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[pepəˈrəʊnɪ] Nsalchichón m a la pimienta, pepperoni m
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[ˌpɛpəˈrəʊnɪ] nsalsiccia piccante
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A dad who claims he found a black metal screw inside his pepperoni pizza is calling on Co-op to investigate amid concerns a child could have choked.
Because if there's one thing Americans need right now, it's big, cheap pockets of white flour stuffed with cheese and processed meats like sausage and pepperoni.
Basic grilled cheese is also served, as well as Artisan-Style grilled cheese that comes with a choice of bacon, beef or pepperoni.
A dry sparkling red wine from northern Italy, and a traditional partner for salumi and other antipasti, lambrusco may be one of the world's most underrated wines and is a great match for pepperoni and other spicy meat toppings on pizza.
Next, move on to lunch "meats" like salami, pastrami, pepperoni, and baloney.
Although pepperoni and cheese dough balls are the standard order, if you were to ask your local Dominos nicely they MIGHT put something different in there for you.
Maple Leaf Foods said this acquisition expands its position in the growing market for premium dry cured and pepperoni meat products and provides further production capacity in Quebec, an important strategic base to grow both Canadian and US sales.
Lazzara's offers cheese, pepperoni and margarita pizzas from scratch, and the eatery said the pizzas are prepared to order, and ready in eight minutes.
Peri Peri wraps, Lollipop Chicken, Pepperoni Crostini's and Potato Wings were simply irresistible and the servers were seen coming in and out of the kitchen door time and again as the platters got polished off in a matter of minutes.
It isn't because he left a suitcase filled with pepperoni in a hotel room in Canada in 2001.