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A container with small holes in the top for sprinkling ground pepper. Also called pepperbox, pepper pot.
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Players can squash these foes with falling ingredients, stun them with pepper from a collected peppershaker or burn them with hot sauce.
There's a club for collectors of salt and peppershakers.
Be mesmerized by the wizardry of the Teppan Chef, Wikan Namvesis, who creates the Japanese Teppan experience, flamboyantly juggling ingredients, salt and peppershakers, knives and your anticipatory taste buds.
I also think it would be funny to get cremated and have your friends sneak your ashes into peppershakers around the city.
Quast coined the space Etta's Attic after her late grandmother and filled it with antique glassware, collectible salt and peppershakers, an elegant three-piece china hutch and much more.
Items such as a drinking glass featuring Garfield the Cat, tops of salt and peppershakers, and old Pyrex casserole dishes tested positive for lead.
The set is a compact set of knife, fork and spoon, all in a plastic case and including salt and peppershakers.
Products include honey pots, salt and peppershakers, place-card holders, a candle snuffer, candlesticks and a coffee set.