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tr.v. pep·tized, pep·tiz·ing, pep·tiz·es
To disperse (a precipitate) to form a colloid.

[Greek peptein, to digest; see pekw- in Indo-European roots + -ize.]

pep′ti·za′tion (-tĭ-zā′shən) n.
pep′tiz′er n.
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(ˈpɛptaɪz) or


(Chemistry) (tr) chem to disperse (a substance) into a colloidal state, usually to form a sol
ˈpeptizable, ˈpeptisable adj
ˌpeptiˈzation, ˌpeptiˈsation n
ˈpeptizer, ˈpeptiser n
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(ˈpɛp taɪz)

v.t. -tized, -tiz•ing.
to disperse (a substance) into colloidal form, usu. in a liquid.
[1860–65; pept (one) + -ize]
pep•tiz′a•ble, adj.
pep`ti•za′tion, n.
pep′tiz•er, n.
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Past participle: peptized
Gerund: peptizing

I peptize
you peptize
he/she/it peptizes
we peptize
you peptize
they peptize
I peptized
you peptized
he/she/it peptized
we peptized
you peptized
they peptized
Present Continuous
I am peptizing
you are peptizing
he/she/it is peptizing
we are peptizing
you are peptizing
they are peptizing
Present Perfect
I have peptized
you have peptized
he/she/it has peptized
we have peptized
you have peptized
they have peptized
Past Continuous
I was peptizing
you were peptizing
he/she/it was peptizing
we were peptizing
you were peptizing
they were peptizing
Past Perfect
I had peptized
you had peptized
he/she/it had peptized
we had peptized
you had peptized
they had peptized
I will peptize
you will peptize
he/she/it will peptize
we will peptize
you will peptize
they will peptize
Future Perfect
I will have peptized
you will have peptized
he/she/it will have peptized
we will have peptized
you will have peptized
they will have peptized
Future Continuous
I will be peptizing
you will be peptizing
he/she/it will be peptizing
we will be peptizing
you will be peptizing
they will be peptizing
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been peptizing
you have been peptizing
he/she/it has been peptizing
we have been peptizing
you have been peptizing
they have been peptizing
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been peptizing
you will have been peptizing
he/she/it will have been peptizing
we will have been peptizing
you will have been peptizing
they will have been peptizing
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been peptizing
you had been peptizing
he/she/it had been peptizing
we had been peptizing
you had been peptizing
they had been peptizing
I would peptize
you would peptize
he/she/it would peptize
we would peptize
you would peptize
they would peptize
Past Conditional
I would have peptized
you would have peptized
he/she/it would have peptized
we would have peptized
you would have peptized
they would have peptized
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Verb1.peptize - disperse in a medium into a colloidal state
chemical science, chemistry - the science of matter; the branch of the natural sciences dealing with the composition of substances and their properties and reactions
separate - divide into components or constituents; "Separate the wheat from the chaff"
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Song, Microstructure and phase evolution of TiO2 precursors prepared by peptization-hydrolysis method using polycarboxylic acid as peptizing agent, Mater.
Key statement: A first tire member manufacturing method includes an operation in which a masterbatch is made, and an operation in which the masterbatch, peptizing agent and processing additive are mixed.
Effective regulators of viscosity and the ultimate shear stress of asphaltene-containing ODS are surfactants that exert peptizing action, blocking the adhesion planes of particles and decreasing the strength of contact between the layers of the dispersion medium through which the particles of the disperse phase contact [33].
The appropriate amount of the butoxide was mixed with deionized water and nitric acid in a molar ratio of 1:100:0.07, covered with aluminum foil, and stirred overnight on a hot plate to complete the peptizing. For most of the catalysts, a measured amount of Pd ammine nitrate was added directly to the wet sol; this method of precious metal addition is often referred to as a "catalyzed slurry" or "one-pot" technique.
As the SOR increases, more resins are solubilized by the solvent and these are unable to act as peptizing (or interfacial) agents of asphaltenes [116-119] leading to their aggregation and precipitation [81,116-119].
Pentathionic acid is a peptizing agent for sulphur generated by the reaction of [H.sub.2]S and sulphur dioxide (S[O.sub.2]) [54].
(147) On the contrary, even a combined application of peptizing surfactants and ultrasonic agitation after the precursor particles yields only particles in the ranee of 100-250 nm.
Li, "Effects of peptizing conditions on nanometer properties and photocatalytic activity of Ti[O.sub.2] hydrosols prepared by [H.sub.2]-Ti[O.sub.3]," Journal of Hazardous Materials, vol.
Also, resins are polar molecules that act as peptizing agents to prevent asphaltenes molecules from coagulating.
The <1 [micro]m fractions from soil horizons were separated by sedimentation and decantation, followed by dispersion by addition of a few drops of ammonia as a peptizing agent.
Model samples were prepared with the latex of one clone, by blending the latex of two clones, or by peptization with Struktol LP 150 (Shill & Seilacher, Germany) as the peptizing agent (150 g/t NR).