per contra

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per con·tra

 (pər kŏn′trə)
1. On the contrary.
2. By way of contrast.

[Latin per contrā : per, per + contrā, against.]
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per contra

(ˈpɜː ˈkɒntrə)
(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) on the contrary
[from Latin]
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References in classic literature ?
Per contra, there is no one in the world more worthy of confidence and respect than this young Russian lady.
On the other side, though, there's the PER CONTRA, by means of this pretty chick.
His short story, 'Bayan Layi', published in Per Contra, was shortlisted for the Caine Prize for African Writing in 2013.
A Virtual Power Plant, per contra, would simply reduce the output of connected hydro and biogas plants to react to a surplus of wind power.
Ostensibly, the TTP affiliates drew their credibility by affiliating themselves with the Afghan Taliban and their cause to liberate Afghanistan from the influence of foreign occupation; per contra it had always been antagonistic to all those groups that assisted the Afghan Taliban in Afghanistan.
Tot i aquestes dualitats constants, allo que aqui sembla que se'ns planteja en forma de pregunta es si els objectes i les coses poden tenir unes qualitats propies diferenciades de la seva relacio amb nosaltres, o si per contra, les ca racteristiques ocultes o oblidades d'aquests objectes formen part d'una relacio de dependencia amb els subjectes.
Per contra, Pakistan is also suspicious of Afghanistan's India-centric policies, which result in insurgency and unrest in FATA, Balochistan, Karachi and different parts of the country.
Ara s'hi ha d'afegir que, quan es descobreix, exhorta de manera explicita a considerar el caracter impiu del discurs anterior i a entendre la palinodia, per contra, com el discurs piu i veritable sobre l'amor.
A quasi 35 anni di distanza dalla prima traduzione americana (Berkeley: Double Dance Press, 1980), sempre ad opera di Thomas Peterson, esce per Contra Mundum Press questa semi-clandestina delizia pasoliniana.
A highly unequal income distribution pattern accompanied by trade led growth per contra would limit the productive capacity of the domestic economy.
Per contra football where it is hard to know what is happening in the battlefront along the line.