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1. Any of various acids containing the peroxy group.
2. An inorganic acid, such as perchloric acid, containing the largest proportion of oxygen in a series of related oxyacids.


1. (Elements & Compounds) an acid, such as perchloric acid, in which the element forming the acid radical exhibits its highest valency
2. (Elements & Compounds) (not in technical usage) an acid, such as persulphuric acid, that contains the -OOH group. Recommended names: peroxo acid or peroxy acid
peracidity n


(pərˈæs ɪd)

an oxyacid, the primary element of which is in its highest possible oxidation state, as perchloric acid, HClO4, and permanganic acid, HMnO4.
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The present invention relates to a method for producing epoxidized natural rubber, the method including: step (1) of reacting an acid anhydride with hydrogen peroxide to prepare an organic peracid; and step (2) of epoxidizing natural rubber latex with the obtained organic peracid.
Its powerful stain removal technology is due to NOBS, which works with peroxide to form peracid, a color-safe bleach that makes it ideal for clothing and fabrics.
According to P&G, Tide Oxi contains an ingredient called NOBS, which works with peroxide to form peracid, a stronger form of bleach than peroxide alone, resulting in stronger stain removal.
DOP2010000404A 23/12/2010 Pending Peracid, 2-hydroxy organic acid 8.
Evaluation of peracid activated organophosphates in studies of insecticide resistance conferred by insensitive acetylcholinesterases.
In contrast to the established, pure chemical variety, the enzyme lipase here catalyzes peracid, the epoxidation medium.
One of them is the epoxidized vegetable oil, which is synthesized from soybean oil, linseed oil, or palm oil by the epoxidation of double bonds with active oxygen such as hydrogen peroxide or peracid.